BPCA – April 5, 2016

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 by Dan Fitzgerald, President.  Other officers and board present were Nancy Walton Linda Flanders, Joyce McGinnis, Dave Nielsen, Susan Robinson, and Jan Washburn.

            Following the pledge of allegiance, BSO Lt. Dave Fernandez introduced himself and said he will be attending our meetings in the future.  He gave a summary of his experience with BSO in various parts of the county.  He said the homicide on 48th Avenue was a road rage incident and was still under investigation.  A deputy reported that there had been three burglaries over the past thirty days and one assault.  The only vehicle theft was a motorcycle, but there had been a number of thefts from unlocked cars. Fernandez cautioned to keep cars locked and keep valuables out of sight including small change.  He stressed that we should call if we see anything unusual or something doesn’t seem right.  He assured the members that sheriff’s cars are making regular patrol around our community.

            Aretha Wimberly, our county liaison, said that she met with FPL regarding requests for streetlights.  Those who have requested lights must also have the consent of their neighbor who will also be affected.  She said they are moving towards phase 2 and will be meeting with our president.  There is concern that a homeless shelter is operating.  A house at 4361 SW 25th Street is renting rooms for $500 a person.  Code enforcement would have to be sure that extra people in the house aren’t visiting relatives.  She will update Dan on what she finds out.  She said code enforcement was short-handed.

            Fire Chief Holness said they are also watching the property at 4361 SW 25th Street. He said that one of his frustrations is that he sees problems inside houses, such as loose hanging wires, but has no authority to do anything inside a house.  On May 21sat they will be going out into the community on Operation S.A.F.E. (Surviving a fire emergency), testing and installing smoke alarms.  They are also conducting a campaign called “Safe by Four” providing information about all the things that affect the safety of small children.  In regard to Station 23 the chief said the lease has been renewed and renovation is underway.  There is a semi-annual report on www.broward.org/municpalservices. It was reported that one resident is burning trash in his yard.  This is not permitted and should be reported to BSO.

            Michelle Futrell from Waste and Recycling said emails will be sent out next week for the winners of the first week.  The community clean-up on April 2nd was successful,  They picked up 13.96 tons of waste.  There were complaints that people are putting out their bulk on the wrong days.  Michelle said they have issued 20 violation notices.  Dave Nielsen said they should have just one pickup day a month for the whole community at once.  Michelle will look into that possibility.

            Dan announced that we will have a celebration of our 60th anniversary at the June 7th meeting with refreshments.  Also, elections will be held that day.  There are openings on the board of directors and volunteers are needed.

            There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

                                                                                    Jan Washburn, Secretary


A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dan Fitzgerald at Sunview Park on Tuesday, February 2, 2016.  Officers present were Dan, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, and Susan Robinson.

Following the opening pledge of allegiance, BSO Lt. Eric Caldwell, who has replaced Lt. Pisanti, introduced himself.  He has been with the Sheriff’s Office for twenty years and has worked at various locations throughout the county.  He will be attending our meetings and keeping us up to date on burglaries, car thefts, and robberies in the community. He said that Lt. Pisanti has accepted a position as police chief in a small town. One member reported problems with a neighbor in Section 8 housing.

Josie Sesodia from the county’s Planning and Development Management Division presented information on the recent proposed changes in zoning codes,.  The codes had not been updated in the last fifteen years, but the changes should be completed by the end of June.  She said there were no dramatic changes proposed for our area. Further information is available at minicode.com.

Gayle Preston from the county’s Parks and Recreation Department and Mike Fayazz, of Highway Construction and Engineering then presented drawings of the proposed new building at Sunview Park.  It will be located on the footprints of the original building which was demolished after an electrical fire.  The playground will be upgraded and moved a little further back.  The current temporary building will be removed and the area lined for parking.

They also presented the plans for the pocket park on 50th Avenue with a circular path, a playground for children, and an area for exercise equipment.  There was some discussion about the parking spots (one for disabled and two for regular cars).  Cars tend to speed on 50th Avenue and the park is located on a curve in the road, but there is no alternative place for parking.  There will be no fence along 50th Ave.

Isobel Rovina of Urban Health Partnerships presented the Safe Routes Broward app where residents can report unsafe road or sidewalk conditions which will then be assigned to the proper department for correction.  Brochures on the Yellow Dot were made available as well as a supply of dots for every member of the family. Placing the dot in your rear window will tell rescuers that important information about you can be found in your glove compartment in case of an accident. Residents who were not present at the meeting can find the information and the dots at Sunview Park.

Heather Cunniff then introduced Aretha Wimberly who will be taking over Heather’s position as our liaison with the county.  Aretha said she has worked in almost every county department.  Her phone is 954-357-7794 and her email is awimberly@broward.org.

Elaine Barrett of Waste and Recycling asked if anyone had a problem to report, but one member offered a compliment instead.

Information was distributed about the Water Matters Day which will be held on March 12 from 9 AM to 3 PM at Tree Tops Park in Davie, 3900 SW 100th Ave. with workshops, giveaways, children’s activities, and instruction on How To Create a Naturescape.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary


Broadview Park Minutes  12/1/2015

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dan Fitzgerald at Sunview Park on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015.  Officers present were Dan, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, Dave Nielsen, and Joyce McGinnis.

Dan announced the dates for our Christmas food drive.  Santa will tour the park on Dec. 14th and 15th and we will all pitch in to sort and deliver the food on Saturday, Dec. 19th, 8 am at the firehouse. Members were reminded to bring boxes.

There was no representative from BSO at the meeting.  Niki Velez, code enforcement officer, said Lt. Pisanti has retired and a new officer, Stephanie Coker, will be his replacement.  Niki said they were down one code enforcement officer, but Broadview Park is scheduled to be next to have a sweep where the officers go up and down each street checking for problems and violations of code.

Copies of the Bee were distributed.  Heather Cunniff brought them because they were not mailed out in time to reach residents before the meeting.  Illustrations of plans for the new pocket park and the permanent building at Sunview were also circulated to the members.  Rose Bickford expressed concern about the parking spaces in front of the pocket park.  50th Avenue curves at that point and she feels it will lead to accidents.  It was agreed that Heather would invite Gayle Preston of the Parks Department to attend our February meeting to discuss the plans.

Gabriel Pelligrino, the new manager of Sunview Park, introduced himself to the group and invited questions.

Elaine Barrett of Waste and Recycling reported 14 code violations in the district west of 46th Avenue.  People there continue to put out bulk trash on the 5th Monday of the month, because it’s the last Monday, instead of on the 4th Monday which is the scheduled day.  One member reported problems with the truck doing one side of the street, but failing to come back and do the other side.  Elaine said to report problems to 954-474-1870 or 1880, or to her phone 954-553-0041.  She said the department’s clean-up in November was successful.  There were 17 volunteers between BSO inmates and young people earning volunteer  hours.

Heather Cunniff reported that the county is reviewing zoning categories and are changing some to make them simpler.  She will give us the results at our next meeting.  There will be three public meetings  to discuss these changes before they are approved.

Jan said she will forward items sent to her from the county about events in the unincorporated or “Municipal Services” areas if they would be of interest to Broadview.  She said most of these events are held at the African American Research Library and are directed more at the Central Broward residents rather than at Broadview.  She said there will be a series of free computer classes there for anyone interested.  Jan will soon be posting the scholarship application.  Rose Bickford offered to be one of the judges.

Barbara Smith asked about the streetlight situation and Jan promised to check on that.  Dave Nielsen said he plans to attend the Davie town meeting the following day to re-emphasize our objections to annexcation by Davie.   There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary


This is the way we sent it to the county.  They made some changes and it was sent out too late for the meeting date.


WE’RE BACK – Join us at the meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association on Tuesday. October 6th, 7:30 PM at Sunview Park.  We have a new president and want to hear your suggestions on the direction the association should take as we begin a new season.

We are pleased that three new projects have been approved for the community. The vacant lot where the old water plant stood will be cleaned up and become a pocket park with a small playground for the children. Fire Station 23 will be improved and made habitable again so that our firefighters and emergency personnel can move back into the neighborhood.  And a new building will replace the temporary one at Sunview Park.  The original building there had to be torn down after an electrical fire.

IN AN EMERGENCY – Remember that “Broadview Park” is the name the county uses to identify this whole unincorporated area including various developments such as Broadview Park, Floral Heights, Rock Hill, Lauderdale Highlands, Collier Grove, and the trailer park and streets along the North New River Canal. To be sure that BSO, fire/rescue and emergency technicians can find you when you call 911,  identify your location as UNINCORPORATED FORT LAUDERDALE.

FUN AND BARGAINS – COMMUNITY YARD SALE AND FAMILY FUN DAYMark your calendar – Saturday, October 17th, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at Fire Station 23, 2200 SW 46th Avenue – that’s on the northwest corner of the Meadowbrook School grounds.  The children can enjoy the bounce house or paint an old fire truck, while their parents shop for bargains.  BSO fire personnel will be serving free hot dogs, sno-cones and cotton candy,

VENDORS: Call Susan Robinson, 954-581-8109 to reserve a spot – just $15 for a space for your table.

Is your medicine cabinet cluttered with old prescriptions and pills? It could be dangerous to throw them in the trash barrel.  BRING YOUR OUTDATED MEDICATIONS TO THE FIREHOUSE ON THE 17TH AND BSO WILL DISPOSE OF THEM PROPERLY.

MEET OUR NEW PRESIDENT – Daniel Fitzgerald was born at Plantation General Hospital and grew up in this community. He is the Pitmaster at the Georgia Pig and has been in charge of the barbecue at the popular restaurant for the last six years.

Dan met his wife Amber (Phillips) when they were both students at South Plantation High School. They are the proud parents of Owen, 5, who was excited to start school this year at Meadowbrook, and Aidan, just 6 months old. For the past two and a half years Amber has served as manager at the Georgia Pig and the family still makes its home here in Floral Heights.

Dan earned his AA Degree at the University of Central Florida. His favorite recreation is disc or Frisbee golf at Heritage Park.  After serving as a board member for the past year, Dan was elected president of the association in June.

SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR – One item under discussion by the Civic Association is a small scholarship, $300, for a high school senior who resides in the Broadview Park community and plans to attend college or a vocational school after graduation. Watch for details on how to apply in the next issue of the Bee or on our website, www.BroadviewPark.org.

NO MORE SOLICITING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET – Broward County and its various cities are cracking down on the dangerous practice of vendors and beggars who wander up and down in the midst of traffic, soliciting money from drivers waiting at red lights. This includes young people raising funds for their teams and activities.  The cities have named their busiest intersections where this practice is banned.  In the unincorporated areas, the county named State Road 7 at SW 20th Street and at Davie Blvd., Peters Road at Davie Blvd and at SW 46th Avenue. Violators will be fined $500.

APOLOGIES FOR STREETLIGHT DELAYS – Several of you who requested a streetlight months ago are still waiting. When we sent your requests to the administrator at the Traffic Engineering Division she found there was no map (not even at Florida Power and Light) which showed the location of the existing streetlights here.  To create an orderly system to deal with FPL, she is working on a map.  We regret that no new streetlights will be installed in the near future.

HELP STOP ILLEGAL DUMPING – Some landscaping or trash services are saving money by dumping their trash around our community instead of hauling it to the dump. The only way to stop this practice is for all of us to be alert.  If you see someone unloading their waste along the side of the road or in the middle of the wellfields, try to identify the offender.  If there is a name on the truck, jot it down or make note of the license plate and notify the sheriff’s office.  BSO  Lt. Pisanti warns if you hire someone to haul a load away, be suspicious if the price is surprisingly low.  Ask for their credentials and be sure they are planning to use the dump and not our streets and sidewalks.  The non-emergency number for BSO is 954-764-HELP.

CIVIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS FOR THE COMING SEASON: President, Dan Fitzgerald; Vice-Pres., Bill Hoy; Secretary/Treasurer, Jan Washburn; Finance Officer, Nancy Walton; Board Members: Linda Flanders, Juan Formoso, Carolyn Lockerd, Joycie McGinnis, Dave Nielsen, Paula Jarrett-Rivera, Susan Robinson, and Barbara Yakin. Many thanks to Dave for his years of leadership.

IT’S TIME TO RENEW – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Your dues – just $10 per family per year – support our efforts to improve this community with projects such as the community clean-up and the Christmas food drive for the needy.  Please use the form below to send with your dues for the coming year, 2016.  Make checks payable to the Broadview Park Civic Association and mail to Nancy Walton, 4224 SW 20th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

__________ Enclosed is $10.00 membership dues for my family for the year 2016.


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Email Address _______________________________________________________________


10/6/15 Minutes

BPCA Minutes 10/6/15


A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dan Fitzgerald on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Board members present were: Dan, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Dave Nielsen, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, and briefly Joycie McGinnis.


Following the pledge to the flag Dan introduced BSO Lt. Pisanti who distributed flyers about a new program offering a free grocery food distribution on October 10 at the New Golden Heights Church of Christ in Lauderdale Lakes from 10 am to 1 pm. There will be further giveaways on Nov.7th in Fort Lauderdale and Nov. 14th in Pembroke Pines. The lieutenant reported just 1 burglary and 1 motorcycle theft, but announced the recovery of 71 stolen trucks by one clever detective’s work. He said that as we were meeting, there had been a shooting at the used car lot behind the 7-11 on Peters Road. Deputies were on the scene. A member said thanks for the work of the deputies at an accident on 50th Avenue.


Asst. County Administrator Alfonso Jefferson said the county is considering setting up wireless cameras at the entrances to the community. They could be monitored 24/7. Dave argued that would be very expensive, but Lt. Pisanti said it would be very useful when a crime had been committed in the area. BSO could catch a picture of all cars leaving the area at the time. Mr. Jefferson reported that Station 23 should be ready in April for our firefighters to return. A member reminded him that we would appreciate lights on the entryway sign on 49th Avenue.


Fire/Rescue Chief Greg Holness reported that they had had a busy summer involving 1200 children as they presented a program on putting out fires. Since October is fire prevention month they will be doing programs at schools with an amusing robot interacting with the children. The robot will explain “Beep While You Sleep” by changing batteries in the smoke alarm. The program will be held at Meadowbrook on October 16th so the chief will send home flyers in the children’s backpacks about the Family Fun Day and Community Yard Sale on October 17th. BSO will not be taking items for shredding this year but they will collect outdated medications.


Niki Velez, code enforcement officer, said four code officers will be doing a street by street canvass of the community in the near future, putting out door hangers regarding property maintenance. The exact date has not been set. A member explained that on 50th Avenue around the 2200 or 2300 block, the trees in the swale are bushy and block a driver’s view of children. Niki will check on this.


Michelle Futrell from Waste and Recycling accepted complaints about trash barrels that were spilling trash by the side of the road and leaving barrels overturned. She said to get the I.D number of the truck and report the problem to 954-474-1801.


Susan Robinson reported on the Community Yard Sale. So far we have eight vendors at $15 each. Information about the event can be posted on the county’s website, Broward.Org


Jan said that Davie is still talking about annexing Broadview Park. Davie has about 97,000 or 98,000 residents. If they had 100,000 residents they could apply for a number of grants to make improvements in the town. A quick way to increase their population to more than 100,000 would be to annex Broadview Park with our almost 7,000 residents. The members agreed they were happy with the county and had no desire to be annexed by Davie. Dave Nielsen said he attended a town meeting in Davie on September 27th to let the town council know our stand, but the meeting was adjourned before he could speak. He talked to Mayor Judy Paul and some of the council members afterwards. They claimed they didn’t know our board of directors had said no to their development administrator, Philip Holstee, when he asked us to meet with town officials. Dave said he wants to go back to another meeting along with a group of our members and make our stance clear. The next Davie town council meeting will be Nov. 2nd at 6 pm. Mr. Jefferson advised us to keep a close watch on the town’s actions.


There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary



6/2/15 Minutes

Minutes – 6/2/15

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dave Nielsen on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at Sunview Park.  Officers and board members present were: Dave, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, Carolyn Lockerd, and Dan Fitzgerald.

Following the opening, BSO Lt, Pisanti reported that they had rounded up a gang at I-595 and SR 7 who were stealing cars for a chop shop.  The BSO focus is on keeping children safe now schools are closing.  Members reported speeders, an empty house that was getting too much traffic, and dumping.  The lieutenant warned members about hiring someone to haul away junk or trash.  If they are extremely cheap, it probably means they’re just going to dump the trash somewhere around the neighborhood.  Ask to see the hauler’s credentials.


Niki Velez from code enforcement said the application to build a 7-11 at the NW corner of SR7 and SW 20th Street was approved even though the space did not allow the number of parking spaces normally required.  She said the house at 4517 SW 24th Street which has been an eyesore has now been sold.  There have been thousands of dollars in liens placed on the property.  Bulk trash problems arise when people put their bulk out after the trucks go by.  Dave suggested that instead of having five different sections with different pick-up days, the whole area should be swept twice a month.  He asked if he could pick up a political sign on county property since the elections were held in March.  It was suggested that Meadowbrook School should place a trash barrel on the basketball courts as the children are discarding litter there.

Heather Cunniff said county administrator Alfonso Jefferson had planned to come to our meeting to ask for suggestions for placement of cameras to control crime, but had another meeting to attend.  Some members were opposed, feeling cameras were intrusive and unnecessary, but the group agreed that the placement should be at the entryways into the community so cars could be seen coming and going  Jan asked again about lights on the 49th Avenue entryway.

A question arose about the streetlights that people had requested,  FPL is being difficult.  Jan said she would follow up on this with the Traffic Division.

Dave asked for approval of a $300 scholarship for next year’s high school seniors who reside in the community.  Juan Formoso is preparing the requirements. It was suggested that it be open to students planning for technical or vocational school as well as college..

Elections for the coming year were held and approved as follows:  President, Dan Fitzgerald; Vice-Pres., Bill Hoy; Sect./Treas., Jan Washburn; Finance Sect., Nancy Walton;

3 Year terms as board members: Joycie McGinnis, Juan Formoso, and Dave Nielsen.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary

April 7, 2015 Minutes

BPCA – 4/7/15

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President David Nielsen at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at Sunview Park.  Board members present were: David, Jan Washburn, Linda Flanders, and Susan Robinson.  Following the opening Dave reminded the members of the community clean-up on Saturday, April 11th.  Volunteers should report to Sunview at 8:30 am.  A claw truck will be picking up bulk trash and there will be a dumpster on 18th Street.  He also reminded members that elections will be held at our June meeting and there are openings on the board.

BSO Lt. Pisanti reported that there have been just two burglaries within the last 45 days.  He explained that BSO’s plans to locate cameras in the community would put the cameras at the entrances to the area.  In that way if residents describe a particular vehicle in connection with a crime, the deputies could check to see if and when that car entered or left the area.  Several residents reported problems with cars parked on sidewalks and on 46th Avenue.

Michelle Futrell from Waste and Recycling registered several complaints about the trash pickup trucks.  She will be assisting with the upcoming community clean-up.

Linda Flanders said she is looking for someone to take over the community yard sale in October.  Her mother is not well and requires her attention.

Marvin Burroughs, manager of Sunview Park, announced the park’s summer program for teenagers and presented their brochure.  He has signed up a number of young people to help with the clean-up.

Niki Velez, our code enforcement officer, accepted several complaints.  There is still a motor home on the old water plant property.  Henry Sniezak announced that the code enforcement staff has been cut by one-third, so they have their hands full.

He said that the county commission has approved the use of the $170,000 reserved for Broadview Park for the creation of a pocket park on the site of the old water plant.  Dan West and Gayle Preston of Parks and Recreation distributed copies of the plans for the park and showed pictures of various elements such as the playground equipment that would be placed there.  Barbara Smith and Rose Bickford who live close to the property are concerned about teens hanging out there and vandalism.  Residents would need to call BSO or Parks and Recreation when there are problems.  Mr. West said it would probably be 2017 before the park would be completed.  Dogs will not be allowed.

Henry also reported that the county commission had approved expenditures to completely redo Fire Station 23 and negotiate an extension of the lease with the Peters Road Volunteers who own the property.

Jan reminded everyone that in calling 911, they should state their location as Unincorporated Fort Lauderdale so the responders would know that we are on the Fort Lauderdale numbering system.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary

February Minutes

BPCA  February 3, 2015

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Dave Nielsen at Sunview Park on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  Board members present: Dave, Jan Washburn, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, and Carolyn Lockerd.

Following the opening, Dave announced that he is stepping down as president on June 1st.  He will still help with association projects.

BSO Lt. Lopez and Lt. Enger, were introduced.  They are assigned to Lauderdale Lakes which is also under Chief Dunbar and the central BSO district.   They discussed ATV’s and dirt bikes which race up and down the streets.  Lt. Enger said they can’t chase these vehicles because it would be hazardous to the riders and to the public.  They try to identify the riders so they can find them at home.  Lt. Lopez said it was important for residents to phone BSO when a problem arises.  The number of problems affects the use of their resources, telling them where the need is greatest.  He said to be careful what you ask for.  50 people signed a petition to clamp down on speeders in their neighborhood.  At the end of the clamp down, 48 of the 50 signers had received tickets.  They pointed out that the number of homeless increases greatly at this time of year as people try to escape the cold and snow.  He said homeless are not problem people, but people with problems.  BSO tries to steer them to where they can get help.

Fire Chief Holness said there have been many discussions about Fire Station 23 and they are trying to resolve the situation.  He warned that big TV;s which are not anchored are a hazard and could kill a child.  Also, in cold weather cooking on a charcoal grill inside the house is very dangerous as it produces carbon monoxide.  Linda Flanders reminded him that our next Yard Sale will be on October 17th at Station 23.

Alphonso Jefferson, Assistant County Administrator of the unincorporated areas spoke next, He believes that even more than firefighters, the community needs to have the paramedics close by,  He has been holding monthly meetings with members from the various county departments and they are seeking a solution for Station 23.

Gerard Henry of Code Enforcement reported that they had received 414 calls for service in the unincorporated areas.  They currently have 1900 open cases, 217 in January alone.  Normally about 76% of those cited for violations will comply with the code.  He introduced Niki Velez, the new code enforcement officer for our community.  She had many years of service in Pembroke Pines.  The hotline is 954-357-9700

Dave mentioned a piece of glass sticking up near the school grounds.  He had reported the problem to the school principal, but it is still there.  A truck he had complained about is now gone.  Another member mentioned travel trailers near the old water plant property.

Heather Cunniff distributed a chart showing the problems discussed at our January Board meeting and the ones we ranked as the most important.  Code Enforcement led in order of importance.  She asked the members for other problems that needed to be added to the list.  One member mentioned that Animal Control will not pick up raccoons.  Homeowners have to call one of the private companies that capture wild animals.

Maribel Feliciano of Planning Administration also commented on the problems.  They have drawn up a map showing where the problems occur.  Address numbering on homes is a big problem.

Elaine Barrett of Waste and Recycling said that Mr. Lee Norwood, Route Manager for Waste Pro, the company that is now picking up our trash, had planned to be here tonight, but there has been a death in his family.  Call 954-765-4999 with problems.  When barrels are overfilled and litter is dropped, the men are supposed to pick it up.  Elaine said members should check WasteProRewards.com to learn how to earn savings.  Elaine will be contacting Juan Formoso to set a date for our April community clean-up.

Jan announced flyers with information about free help with tax preparation on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Sunview.  There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary





















December 2 Minutes

BPCA  December 2, 2014

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Dave Nielsen at Sunview Park on Tuesday, December 2, 2014.  Board members present: Dave, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Joycie McGinnis, Susan Robinson, Carolyn Lockerd, and nominee Daniel Fitzgerald.

Following the opening, Dave reminded the members of the dates and times of our Christmas food drive – Santa on Dec. 16th and 17th, and sorting and delivering food on Sat. Dec. 20th.  Since we have about 60 families asking for help this year, we need many volunteers and many boxes.  Dave offered to store boxes in his garage.

BSO Capt, Dunbar paid a visit and offered a pickup truck to assist Santa.  BSO Lt. Pisanti reported that in the last 60 days there had been just two burglaries in the community and one car burglary.  Both officers cautioned everyone to be particularly careful at this time of year with thieves looking for Christmas gifts and packages left on the doorstep.  Lt. Pisanti said BSO had organized special holiday operations.

One member asked about the panhandlers who descended on drivers at SR 7 and Davie Blvd.  Pisanti said they issue citations for this, but they prefer to assist the homeless rather than arrest them.

Heather Cunniff from county planning said she had met with the residents of the other Central County area to discuss their neighborhood concerns.  She plans to do the same with Broadview at the next meeting in February.  She distributed a flyer with the new phone number for code enforcement, 954-357-9700.  She said the staff had discussed the proposed homeless shelter.  Jan mentioned that the shelter could not be built under present zoning conditions and Commissioner Ryan said he would oppose any change in the zoning.

Rose Bickford reminded Heather that we still need lights on the 49th Ave. entryway.  She also mentioned that John’s Plants have filled a dumpster full of branches and clippings on the old water plant property.  She said now people are throwing garbage bags on top of that.  David said we will sic Code Enforcement on the offenders.

Asst. Fire Chief Greg Holness said he is working on getting our firefighters back into the community.  He said that Christmas is a bad time for fires.  People need to be careful, especially cooking turkeys.

Gerald Henry of Code Enforcement distributed a booklet on choosing the right tree for your property.  When they had more officers, people complained about too many violations.  Now the staff has vacancies and a new officer will be starting Dec. 7th, Nicky Zankowski.  He will introduce her at our next meeting.  Dave asked if they were ever going to get a tow truck to haul away the dead cars.

Dave introduced Daniel Fitzgerald as a volunteer board member.  He was elected unanimously.

Linda Flanders reported that she was already preparing for next years Yard Sale on Oct. 17th and has ordered new signs.  She said the association would not have a table.

Jan reported that comments from the members at our October meeting had led to three new programs at Sunview for girls, 13-17 years  – flag football, basketball camp, and dancing.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary





















October 7 Minutes

BPCA October 7, 2014

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Dave Nielsen at Sunview Park on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  Board members present: Dave, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Joycie McGinnis, Susan Robinson, and Barbara Yakin.

Following the pledge, Dave reminded the members of the Yard Sale and Fun Day on October 18th and the opportunity to dispose of unused medications and papers that needed shredding.  He said that he had attended a meeting of Parks and Recreation and learned that they are proceeding with plans for a permanent building at Sunview Park.

Jerry Ransom, deputy fire chief, said that there had been a meeting with county commissioner Tim Ryan at Station 23 to help decide what to do about the property.  The community wants the firefighters back and the firefighters want to be back in the community.  The fire chiefs want a temporary building while they build or restore the old building.  The members were asked to email Commissioner Ryan to press for action.  Dave reminded the group of the man who was shot and bled to death before the paramedics could arrive.  He said there had been a recent call from the house directly across the street from the firehouse.

Lt. Pisanti from BSO said there had not been the usual spike in crime this past summer.  Burglaries dropped from 134 the previous summer to 94 and there was a 38% drop in car burglaries.  ATV activity has also been reduced.

Gerald Henry, Code Enforcement, said that 500 properties are involved in the rental program.  The department has so many areas to cover that they are trying to focus on long term problems – bankruptcies and abandonment.  Twenty-five to fifty banks have registered as willing to help with the upkeep of these properties.  One member reported a green pool at 4261 SW 21st Street and trash and a dead rat at 4271 SW 21st Street.  There has been a lot of dumping at Meadowbrook and surrounding area, particularly by one landscaper.  Dave mentioned that the old water plant property needs attention.

Marvin Burroughs, the new manager of Sunview Park, was introduced.  He has attended the meetings regarding the new building.  His first project is to fix the drains on the lower field. One member asked about possible sidewalks on SW 42nd Avenue leading to the park.  Other members pointed out that there are no programs for girls.  All the sports programs are for boys.

Michelle Futrelle from Waste and Recycling said to call 954-474-1870 when bulk items are not picked up on the scheduled day.  One member said the bulk pickup truck left oil on the street.

Heather Cunniff, Associate Planner, discussed the money available to us through the gas pipeline payment to the county.  One suggestion has been a small park at the site of the old water plant, with landscaping and a bench.  Rose Bickford feels that it will merely attract teens who would vandalize it or use it as a place to hang out and smoke pot.  She feels it would require upkeep or it would become an eyesore.  Lights on the entryway monument at 49th Avenue is another suggestion.  One member suggested speed bumps on SW 43rd Avenue.  He said cars race on that street.  Dave said that speed bumps ruin fire trucks.  He would prefer stop signs, but there are requirements for a heavy traffic flow before stop signs could be installed.  Jan asked again about the trees that were promised as part of the Neighborhood Improvement Project, but nobody expressed interest.  There is no cut off date for using this money.

Linda Flanders reported that there will be a flashing sign at Peters Road for the Yard Sale and Fun Day on October 18th.  She had a supply of flyers which she asked members to distribute.

Dave announced the dates for our Christmas food drive.  Santa will tour the east side on Tuesday, December 16th and the west side on Wednesday, December 17th.  The food will be sorted and delivered on Saturday 20th at the firehouse.  Help is urgently needed –  drivers with pickup trucks to follow Santa and many hands to help with the sort and delivery on Saturday.  We had 36 families last year and were overwhelmed.  Digna Perez volunteered to accept phone calls from Spanish speakers.

Dave asked for other business.  A member reported asphalt repair was needed at SW 46th Ave.and12thCourt.  Daniel Fitzgerald volunteered to serve on the board of directors.  Jan reminded members they could request streetlights.  There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.                     Jan Washburn, Secretary