June Minutes

BPCA Meeting 6/7/11
A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President David Nielsen, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, at American Legion Post 180. Board members present were: David, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Bill Long, Angelina Gullo, and Linda Flanders. He reminded members that dues were due.
Dave reported that BSO District Chief Kevin Butler has been transferred to Weston. Exec. Lt. Will Jackson gave us the BSO report. He said he has been in the central district since October 2010. He said enforcement has been very aggressive in our area and burglaries are down. If residents have seen people in black around 46th Avenue and 21st Street, those are drug enforcement officers. Regarding a complaint about graffiti, if it is gang symbols, it is turned over to the gang unit. Otherwise, when the culprits are found they are made to clean it up.
Chris Dickey distributed information on the progress of the NIP. LaTissa Collins said when you call her, she probably won’t be in her office because she goes out to check on complaints, but she will return your call. When you leave a message, be sure to tell her you are in Broadview Park, your address, and your phone number. She says when the project is done, there will be a walk-through by about 20 people who will check to see that everything has been properly completed. They will follow up on any unaddressed complaints such as sprinklers and sidewalk problems. She anticipates the walk through for the east side should be completed by August 2011. For the west side it will probably be August 2012.
In regard to the lack of sidewalks along the wellfields, she said it is difficult to get permission from the city and the school board due to red tape. She cautioned that when you hire a person to do the hookup, be sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Do not pay any deposits now.
Michelle Futrell from Waste and Recycling said people who put out bulk trash on the wrong days receive a citation. One member mentioned that since the offenders are allowed seven days to correct the problem, neighbors still have to put up with the mess for a week.
David read the slate of nominees for officer and board for the coming year. The slate was elected unanimously as follows: President – Dave Nielsen; Vice-Pres. – Bill Hoy; Sect/Treas. – Jan Washburn; and Finance Secretary – Nancy Walton. Three-year board members: Bill Long, Marge Goodman, Linda Flanders; and a Two-year board member: Julio Villarreal.
Dave then introduced Traci Pollock of Dickey Consulting and Paula Hollihan of Craven Thompson who described the purpose and the progress of the Sistrunk Blvd. project. The object of the project is to make Sistrunk a destination place.
There was no other business and the meeting adjourned.
Jan Washburn, Secretary

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