June 5, 2012 Minutes

Minutes – 6/5/12

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was held Tuesday, June 5, 2012 atSunviewPark.  Officers present were Dave Nielsen, Bill Hoy, Chad Tamkus, Linda Flanders, Paula Rivera, and Jan Washburn.  Dave announced that although he would probably be re-elected president at this meeting, he would be resigning, possibly in December, to go back to his first love, the crabbing industry.

            Following the pledge and an invocation, Dave introduced BSO Lt. Jackson. He emphasized calling 911 when something appeared suspicious.  He said 90% of burglaries occur during the day.  Crooks will knock on a door to see if anyone is home.  If someone answers the knock, they make up some lame reason they are there.  Even home alarms do not always work properly, so it’s important that neighbors keep their eyes open.  Often the criminals will case a neighborhood, taking note of who leaves home and when.

            Colonel Wiley Thompson, Executive Director of the Department of Administration, explained his job – supporting the police, fire, andEMSservices.  He makes sure the sheriff’s deputies and fire/rescue have the equipment they need.  He said BSO was the best accredited organization in theU.S.for community control.  They have civilians who monitor 12,000 probationers.  Those interested in jobs or volunteer service with the sheriff’s office should check the lists on the website of Sheriff.Org.  Recently they had 13,000 applicants for 500 jobs.

            John Schildknecht, Asst. Chief and District Commissioner of BSO Fire/Rescue distributed info about a number of programs such as drowning prevention, child car seat safety, fire and burn safety, and smoke detectors.  Frequently child safety seats are not installed correctly.  You may ask to have someone come and install your child’s seat.    Call 831-8210.  Speakers will also come to meetings to do a program.  A member asked about carbon monoxide detectors.  He said that after Hurricane Wilma they received a donation of carbon monoxide detectors and distributed them to people who had generators stored in their garages.

            Jan apologized that her email announcing the open house at Station 23 on June 2nd did not give complete information.  It was a great event with a variety of trucks and equipment on display, food, and fun activities for the children.

            Michelle Futrell from Broward’s Waste and Recycling Dept. distributed recycling guides and a request asking residents to complete a survey on www.broward.org/waste.  They want to know how the customers feel about the new trash and recycling services.

            David then called for the election of officers and board members.  Nominations were for Dave as president; Bill Hoy – vice president; Jan Washburn – Secretary/Treasurer; Nancy Walton – Finance Secretary.  Also nominated for three years as board members were Juan Formoso, Joycie McGinnis, and Sarah Chavez;   Susan Robinson was nominated to fill out a one-year term and Carolyn Lockerd volunteered to fill another one year term.  All the nominations were approved as presented.

            Dave announced that plans were in the works for a community Flea Market to be held at Fire/Rescue Station 23 on October 27th.  The firemen have some ideas and residents can set up a table for $10.  More about this in September.

            Rick Newman, manager ofSunviewPark, suggested that the Flea Market could be held there in the park.  This would give us more room, but may not work for the fire men. 

           We had anticipated that Ted Vitale from county planning would be present to give us the scoop on annexation.  We later learned that Ted had the flu and was too sick to be present, but that he had sent an email with the information.  Jan will forward the information to the email list.       

Problems with the Neighborhood Improvement Project were discussed.  Residents on the east side are still waiting for the final layer of asphalt so they don’t have to dodge manhole covers.  They also said there were very few trees planted on the east side.  There was a debate about whether or not a lien would be placed on your property if you didn’t seal your septic tank.  Some people would like to use the tank as water storage for the yard.  Carolyn Lockerd reported that there was a procedure to follow which would allow this if the tank was disinfected.  Questions also arose about where the water was going which is currently in the sewer lines.  Jan will contact LaTissa Collins and email the answers.

Jan reminded the members that after November elections, John Rodstrom will no longer be our county commissioner.  He has been our life-saver in several big problems.  Hopefully the new commissioner will be as helpful.  Charlotte Rodstrom is running for John’s seat on the commission.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned. 

                                                Jan Washburn, Secretary

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