December Minutes

BPCA December 4, 2012

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by Vice President Bill Hoy atSunviewParkon Tuesday, December 4, 2012.  Board members present were: Bill, Dave Nielson, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Paula Rivera, Joycie McGinnis, Susan Robinson, Sarah Chavez, and Chad Tamkus.

Following the pledge and a prayer, Bill announced the dates for our Christmas food drive.  Santa will tour the east side on Dec. 17th and the west side on Dec. 18th.  Pickup trucks should report to the fire station by 6:30 on either or both nights.  On Saturday, Dec. 22nd, we will sort and deliver the food.  Be at the fire station at 8 am.  If you know a needy family, call Jan Washburn 954-583-0796 or for Spanish speakers, call Sarah Chavez, 954-305-2639.

Bill then introduced BSO Lt. Mulligan who reminded everyone to be especially careful of thefts during the holiday season.  Don’t leave valuables in your car where they can be seen.

Former Sunview manager, Rick Newman, has been transferred to a different park.  Bill introduced Valeria Wolberg, Area Supervisor from the Parks and Recreation Dept. who will oversee Sunview until a new manager is appointed.

Jan gave a report on applying for a grant to help pay for the cost of sewer hookups.  The county’s Housing Finance Dept. requires a long list of documentation. Call 954-357-4900 for information about applying.

Asst. Fire/Rescue Chief Greg Holness distributed Home Watch Request Forms which residents can use to ask BSO to keep an eye on their homes when they are away on vacation.  The forms can be faxed to 954-765-4011 or call 954-321-4801 or 4802 to reach the central district office.  Jan expressed the appreciation of the association for the Chief’s help and cooperation on the Family Fun Day and Community Yard Sale in October.  He said he would be happy to work with us again in the future and praised Linda Flanders who organized and supervised the event.  Linda would like to hold two sales a year – one in the spring at Sunview and then repeat the event with the fire department in the fall.  Ms. Wolberg offered her cooperation on a Sunview event.  The members gave Linda and Chief Holness a round of applause for their efforts.

Dave reported that only three people showed up at the African-American Research Library for the meeting called by BSO Chief Dunbar, so the program was basically cancelled.  They issued a warning about the dangers of bath salts being used as recreational drugs and reviewed some code enforcement issues.

Jan explained that a request was filed with the Federal Energy Regulating Commission by the Florida Gas Transmission Company to move their 30 inch pipeline from the edge of the turnpike into the power line easement between 50th Ave. and 50th Terrace.  The pipe would then skirt the lake on homeowners’ property and return to the turnpike again.  They claim that the new sound wall barrier was too close to their pipe and would interfere with maintenance of the line.  The Florida Department of Transportation has filed a protest and Jan has posted an objection on the FERC website in behalf of the community.  The power line easement is owned by the county and we need to tell the commissioners not to allow them to use that land. The members asked how they could post their objections.  Jan said they could do this through the FERC website.  Dave said they are doing an environmental study at this time.Gerald Henry, Code Enforcement Supervisor, and Pedro Villada, Code Enforcement Officer, distributed a guide to code compliance and a brochure regarding parking of commercial vehicles.  They can be reached at 954-766-4400, ext. 9890.  Mr. Henry reviewed the problems that were discussed at our October meeting.  Streetlights flickering or not working should be reported to FPL.  FPL needs to know the number on the pole or the street address.  They checked on the report that someone was living in a shed, trucks and trailers parked on the sidewalk, stagnant pools, and a rooster.  The dead tree by the canal has been removed.  

Other problems involved car repairs, signs, and parking at night on sidewalks.  Mr. Henry commented on the survey they distributed last summer.  It is OK to park on the swales, but not to store a vehicle there.

Henry Sniezek, CountyPlanner, said he is developing a Community Action Plan for BroadviewPark.  Members reported that the circle garden on 42nd Avenue at 20th Street is overgrown.  Dave said he had hoped to meet with the man who had been in charge of the gardens.  Rose asked if it would be possible to have a solar light at the entryway.

Two members complained about skid marks from the trash pickup trucks along 42nd Avenue between 21st and 24th Streets.  Michelle from Waste Management had been at the meeting, but had left.  Dave said he would report the problem to Elaine or Michelle.

There was a question about lane markings on the streets, but it appears that work is in progress.  Another complaint involved cars running the stop sign at the foot of the driveway atMeadowbrookSchool.

There was no further business so the meeting was adjourned.           

            Jan Washburn, Secretary






















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