February ’13 Minutes

BPCA February 5, 2013

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by Vice President Bill Hoy at SunviewPark on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.  Board members present were: Bill, Dave Nielson, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Paula Rivera, Carolyn Lockerd, Susan Robinson, and Chad Tamkus.

Following the pledge and a prayer, Bill introduced BSO Chief Dunbar.  The chief said he had just returned from a trip out of the country on law enforcement business.  He introduced Richard Pisanti, who will supervise operations.  Lt. Joe Achillere said there had been a spike in property crime in December, particularly with cars broken into.  These were primarily crimes of opportunity.

Dave mentioned a problem with kids on ATV’s racing up and down the powerline easement.  The guardrail into the property is down.

Henry Sniezek and Heather Cunniff of the county’s planning office distributed copies of the plan for BroadviewPark.  They did a brief powerpoint presentation to introduce the plan booklet.  Jan reminded the members that the civic association is not a homeowners association.  We cannot tell people what color to paint their houses or if they can put a flagpole on their lawn.  We have no legal authority over homeowners.  Jan said she has received a number of calls recently from Bank of America asking about the association.

Gerald Henry, code enforcement supervisor, explained the advantages of a Rental Plan.  Since renters have little interest in property maintenance, this plan would assist landlords in requiring renters to keep homes in good order.  Jan mentioned that the old water plant property is overgrown and there is a great deal of litter in front of the fence.  Rose Bickford said that a group of teens ride ATV‘s and hangout there.  The lock on the gate is broken.  Rose said she and her neighbors had picked up many trash bags full of litter.  Hector Feliciano reported problems with a home for mental patients near his home on 47th Terrace at 15th Street.

Bill then introduced Sean DePalma, the new manager of SunviewPark.  Sean said the county has budgeted money for many improvements to the park, including a new permanent building.  He said he would like to see more community programs there.  Dave asked about the conditions of the ballfields, which need clay.  Sean said he will have to purchase clay to make the improvements.

Dave then reported on the county’s response to our inquiry about having a community garden on the site of the old water plant.  There are a number of legal steps that would be required to either sell or lease the property to us.  The county would have to advertise their plans to sell or lease and invite bids, although they would have discretion in choosing the bidder.  Rose said it would be throwing good money after bad as the teens would no doubt destroy all efforts there.  She pointed out that the garden in the entry was a mess, totally overgrown.

Linda Flanders then reported on plans for the next community yard sale.  It will be held at SunviewPark on Saturday, May 4th with a rain date of May 11th, from 9 am  to 1 pm.  Vendors are needed.  Spaces are $15.00 and those interested should call Linda at 954-584-2794.  Plans are to have another yard sale at the firehouse in October.

Jan apologized for Nancy’s problems in sending an email to members about the meeting.  Several regular attendees were absent.  She mentioned that those homeowners on the west side of the area who were billed in error for sewer this month should subtract the sewer charge before paying the bill or pay the whole amount and receive a credit on their next bill.

Jan also reported on the demands to run the gas pipeline through our community. Roger Wood, the attorney for the Florida Department of Transportation, said the DOT had offered to tear down part of the sound wall along the turnpike and move some travel lanes further to the west, but the Gas Transmission Company would not accept the offers.

Jan also reported that the membership year for payment of dues has been changed to correspond with the calendar year.  $10 paid now would be for the year 2013.  Those who had paid dues in June or in the fall were already paid for half a year, so would only have to pay $5 to extend their membership to the end of 2013.

There was no other business so the meeting was adjourned.

                                                Jan Washburn, Secretary























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