April 2 Minutes

BPCA Meeting – 4/2/13

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order at 7:30 PM at SunviewPark on Tuesday, February 2, 2013.  Board members present were: Dave Nielsen, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, Carolyn Lockerd, and Chad Tamkus.

Following the flag salute, Dave made several announcements.  He said that when elections are held at our June meeting, he would be resigning.  We will need to nominate a new president, and we also have openings for one or two board members.  He reminded members of the community clean-up on Sat. April 27th.  Juan Formoso will be in charge and will bring students from Stranahan to help. Volunteers should report to Sunview at 8:45.  There will be a dumpster provided on 18th Street for bulk and hazardous waste.  He also reminded members of the community yard sale on Sat., May 4th at Sunview under the direction of Linda Flanders.  Spaces are available for vendors for $15.00.  Contact Linda at 954-584-2794.  And finally, he reminded members that 2013 dues, $10, should be paid to Nancy Walton.

Dave introduced  Lt. Perez of BSO.  He has been assigned to our district for just a

month.  He explained that the officer who was to give us a report on gangs was ill and would give us the information at our June meeting.  He reported 8 burglaries and 1 robbery as well as a big car chase since our last report.  In comparison to other areas such as Lauderdale Lakes

which is also in the central district, our crime is very low.  Again he emphasized to phone in anything suspicious – emergencies to 911 and other problems to 954-765-4321.

Joy Ganaischlal from Code Enforcement said they are organizing a Rental Housing program since many of the code violations occur in rental properties with absentee landlords

and tenants who don’t take care of property.  Her phone is 954-444-0507, but she will only be

in the area for a month.  Then Pedro, who speaks Spanish, will be the officer on duty.  There were complaints about piles of stuff on the swales several weeks early for bulk pickup and cars parked on the sidewalks, particularly at night.  Since this is illegal it needs to be reported to

BSO so that a ticket can be issued.  The question was asked if there was a limit on the number

of people who can live in a house and the answer was no, if they are related.

Michelle of Waste and Recycling said to report problems to 954-474-1870.  One

member said that when the trucks don’t completely empty the recycling bins before replacing them, she finds broken glass on the ground.  Michelle recommended bagging the recycling, but it it was later found that the bins state “Do not bag”.  She said she would bring some informational materials to distribute to the next meeting.

The topic of community gardens was brought up.  Carolyn Lockerd has volunteered to chair a committee, but there appeared to be a difference of opinion about the type of gardens.  The board of directors will discuss this further.  Rose Bickford said it would require a lot of attention to keep the teens from littering and destroying the area.

Dave reported that 1600 feet of gas pipeline is going to be moved from the swale of the turnpike and into the community, running down the power line easement, across three homeowners’ properties, including his, and along the lake before returning to the turnpike.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved this despite objections from the Florida Department of Transportation and protests from the civic association.  The state offered to remove the sound walls and reroute some lanes of the turnpike, but the gas transmission company wasn’t satisfied with that, claiming they didn’t have room enough to service their

pipe.  Dave said he has talked to Alfonso Jefferson, the assistant county administrator, and Tim Ryan, our county commissioner, to no avail.  He said the first offer from the gas company was ridiculous.  He intends to call Help Me Howard and other TV people once he gets his money.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

                                                            Jan Washburn, Secretary









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