June 4th Meeting

BroadviewPark Civic Assn. 6/4/13 

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dave Nielsen on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 at SunviewPark.  Officers present were: Dave, Bill Hoy, Jan Washburn, Sarah Chavez, Susan Robinson, Paula Rivera, Marge Goodman, Chad Tamkus, and Carolyn Lockerd.  Following the opening, Dave explained his decision to step down from the position of president.

            Henry Sniezek of the county planning office explained the decision to go with a voluntary rental registration plan when objections arose to a county ordinance.  The plan will go forward as planned but with no registration fee.

            The discussion was interrupted by a visit from County Commissioner Tim Ryan who said that the Florida Gasline Transmission’s plans to move the pipeline into our community has not yet been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Tim said that the gasline had been moved once already.  He will try to force their compliance regarding dust, noise, etc.  Dave said he was furious.  The pipeline will cross his property, lowering the value of his home.  He said he is being sued by the Transmission Company.  John McGinnis pointed out that the pipeline will lower the value of the homes along 50th Terrace as well.

            Nominees for office were elected as follows:  Pres. Bill Hoy; Vice-Pres. Dave Nielsen; Sect/Treas. Jan Washburn; Fin. Sect. Nancy Walton; 3-year board members: Chad Tamkus, Susan Robinson, and Carolyn Lockerd.

            BSO Lt. Pisanti distributed brochures on hurricane readiness.  He reminded members to keep valuables in their cars out of sight and to report strangers around their street.  He will present his info on gangs at a later meeting. 

            Returning to the discussion of the rental plan, an informal show of hands showed that most members favored the idea of a voluntary program.

            Volunteers interested in the community gardens committee were solicited. Carolyn Lockerd will work as chairman with Heather Cunniff from the county.

            Members commented on problems such as graffiti at 20th Street & 441, bulk trash being put out too early, and a few street corners with incomplete paving.  These will be reported to the county.

            There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.  We will not meet during July and August.  The next general meeting is October 1st.  There will be another community yard sale on October 19We will send out a newsletter in September.

                                                                        Jan Washburn, Secretary

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