October Minutes

BPCA October1, 2013

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Bill Hoy at SunviewPark on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.  Board members present were: Bill, Dave Nielson, Jan Washburn, Linda Flanders, Joycie McGinnis, and Chad Tamkus.

Bill opened with the pledge and a prayer.  Linda Flanders reminded the group of the Family Fun Day and Community Yard Sale at the firehouse on October 19th from 8 to 1.  Fire chief Greg Holness said he was unable to arrange for the shredder and pill collection that day.  Dave Nielsen questioned why the firefighters were not back in the building.  Deputy Chief Ransom said they were still trying to clean out the fleas which were infesting the place and the mattresses.  The men are in Station 14 on 42nd Street and 30th Avenue.  Dave and Bill protested and suggested we need a new firehouse.  Holness could not promise that the building would be open on the 19th.

Dave reported that a section of his property has been taken as an easement by the Florida Gas Transmission Company. The company will begin in February to install 2600 feet of 36 inch pipeline into the community and down the power line easement and across private property back to the turnpike.

Heather Cunniff from the county planning office brought a batch of the new Bees which the county had mailed out.  Bill thanked Heather for their publication and mailing of the newsletter.  Heather said a number of the letters had been returned with bad addresses.  She will look into that situation.

Pedro Villada and Clearven Baptiste of Code Enforcement discussed a problem reported by Rose Bickford. 

Michelle Futrell of Waste and Recycling said if anyone had a problem they could call her at 954-474-1870.

Bill then called on BSO Lt. Pisanti.  He reported there had been four burglaries in the past month – two were homes and two were cars.  There was a murder on 50th Avenue involving two young men who were at odds over a girlfriend.  One drove up and shot the other and then fled into Plantation.  He was caught and bitten by a K-9.  There had also been a home invasion robbery on 41st Avenue involving drugs.

Pisanti then introduced Detective James Claburn who works the gang unit.  Booklets were distributed and the detective reviewed the various ways to identify gang members by their clothing, hairstyles, and their graffiti.  He said BroadviewPark did not have a gang problem.  The lieutenant said he can be reached at his office number, 954-321-4803.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

                                                Jan Washburn, Secretary

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