Special Meeting

Special Meeting, 10/21/13

             A special meeting for all residents was called by CountyCommissioner, Tim Ryan, on Monday, 10/21/13 at SunviewPark, 7 PM, for a discussion of the gas pipeline which will be entering BroadviewPark. County officials present were Commissioner Ryan; Alphonso Jefferson, County Administration; Richard Porneso, County Engineering; Puror Bhogaita, County Real Property; and Henry Sniezek and Heather Cunniff, of County Planning.  Officers of the BroadviewPark Civic Assn. present were Bill Hoy, David Nielsen, Jan Washburn, Sarah Chavez. Carolyn Lockerd, Susan Robinson, Chad Tamkus, and Linda Flanders, as well as John McGinnis and Ed Goodman, husbands of Joyce McGinnis and Marge Goodman.  Mr. Jefferson called the meeting to order.

Beth Porter, Right of Way Manager for Florida Gas Transmission Company, explained the plans for the gas pipeline which was buried along the east side of the turnpike to be rerouted into Broadview Park at the site of the old water company, then south along the power line easement, which is the property of Broward County; where the easement ends at Butterfly Lake, the pipeline will turn west across three homeowners’ properties and run along the edge of the lake, back to the turnpike.  This portion of the pipeline was buried three years ago about three to five feet deep; it is ten to twelve feet deep at other points.  When the Florida turnpike authority widened the road and erected sound walls, the Transmission Company claimed that they no longer had enough room to service their pipe.  Although the Florida Department of Transportation offered to tear down the walls and move the traffic lanes, the company said the problem was with the large footings of the sound walls.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission allowed a period of several months for comments and input and then approved the project.  Once FERC approved the work, the state and the county had to accept the plans unless they filed a legal appeal.

 Ms. Porter said the heavy equipment will come in off SR 7 on 20th Street, then south on 41st Ave. to 25th Street.  It will continue on 25th Street along the canal and over the unpaved area west of 44th Terrace to reach the project.  They plan to pave a road there. Workers will enter along normal streets.  Starting in February crews will work seven days a week, starting each day about 7 am.  It is estimated that the work will be completed in four months.  Pressure of the gas line is 975 lbs p.s.i.  Cost of the project is $18,000,000.  The company will do a pre-and post-construction survey and will compensate homeowners for any damage caused by the work.  The county will have an engineer on site.

Mr. Nielsen expressed his anger and concern about the decreased value of his property.  Mr. McGinnis asked if those homeowners affected would see a reduction in their property valuation.  Commissioner Ryan said 2014 wouldn’t be affected.  For 2015, homeowners should apply to the property appraiser’s office to consider the situation.

The final project will go before the county commission for their acceptance on Tuesday, October 22nd.  Plans are that the $170,000 the county will receive for the use of the powerline easement will be used only for the benefit of BroadviewPark.

                                                                                    Jan Washburn

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