December Minutes

BPCA December 3, 2013

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by Vice President Dave Nielsen at SunviewPark on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.  Board members present were: Dave Nielsen, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Paula Rivera, Joycie McGinnis, Susan Robinson, and Sarah Chavez.

Following the pledge, Dave announced the dates for our Christmas food drive.  Santa will tour the east side on Dec. 18th and the west side on Dec. 19th.  Pickup trucks should report to the fire station by 6:30 on either or both nights.  On Saturday, Dec. 21st , we will sort and deliver the food.  Be at the fire station at 8 am.  If you know a needy family, call Jan Washburn 954-583-0796 or for Spanish speakers, call Sarah Chavez,

561-262-2340. Medium-sized boxes are needed.  They can be left at Dave’s house, 2430 SW 50th Terrace.

Dave introduced BSO Lt. Pisanti who distributed a message from Sheriff Israel with precautions about safety during the holiday season.  He reported that there had been just four crimes in the community – two car thefts from cars that had been left unlocked and two home burglaries.

Capt. Dunbar, who heads our district, said that we are BSO’s eyes and ears and they rely on us to provide information.  He cautioned that thieves are cutting water pipes and anything else they can find to get metal to sell.  He plans in January to assign an officer to go out with the code officer to help enforce requirements.  The captain also introduced Deputy Enger.  Members complimented the officers on their prompt service.

Dave asked Deputy Fire Chief Gerry Ransom if the firehouse sheds would be clean and available for our food drive.  A decision needs to be made about Station 23 as the condition of the building is getting worse all the time.  Chief Ransom said it is the last of the volunteer stations that the county acquired.  Our firefighters are currently at Station 17 at 2308 SW 42nd Street, DaniaBeach.

Pedro Villeda, Senior Code Enforcement Officer, reported that tires were being dumped in our community and asked residents to be on the watch for this.  Several members also complimented code enforcement on their prompt responses.

Elaine Barrett from Waste and Recycling said that people like the barrels they have provided, but unfortunately, some residents have taken the barrels with them when they moved away.

Dave introduced the speaker, Elaine Schwartz, our state representative.  She gave her background and explained her work in the legislature.  She is especially concerned with elder affairs and particularly problems with nursing homes and with seniors who need assistance in finding help or getting benefits.  She said that one-third of the state’s budget goes to Medicaid.  The state stands to lose $52 billion in federal money if they don’t take it.  She will serve on the committee for Affordable Health Care and the Workforce Innovation in Health Care which will seek ways to get more health professionals.

Mrs. Schwartz asked if the members wished to be annexed to a city.  No one was interested in annexation.  She said at a meeting of the Broward Legislative Delegation, the head man indicated that he wanted his area to be annexed because the water was icky.  Questions that arose concerned the fire station, the 911 system, and our county commissioner, Tim Ryan.  She explained that the legislature doesn’t handle local issues, but sometimes her support can have an influence on local government.  The responsibilities of the state legislature are primarily Medicaid, Roads, and Education with such concerns as the FCAT testing.  She is very disturbed by the number of major projects that are going to companies from other countries.


Dave complimented Linda Flanders on the very successful Yard Sale in October.  Linda is already planning the next sale at Sunview on May 3, 2014.

Heather Cunniff, who handled the printing and mailing of our Bee, said that she has been moved from the county’s Planning and Development office to Code Enforcement.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

                                                            Jan Washburn, Secretary















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