October 7 Minutes

BPCA October 7, 2014

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Dave Nielsen at Sunview Park on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  Board members present: Dave, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Joycie McGinnis, Susan Robinson, and Barbara Yakin.

Following the pledge, Dave reminded the members of the Yard Sale and Fun Day on October 18th and the opportunity to dispose of unused medications and papers that needed shredding.  He said that he had attended a meeting of Parks and Recreation and learned that they are proceeding with plans for a permanent building at Sunview Park.

Jerry Ransom, deputy fire chief, said that there had been a meeting with county commissioner Tim Ryan at Station 23 to help decide what to do about the property.  The community wants the firefighters back and the firefighters want to be back in the community.  The fire chiefs want a temporary building while they build or restore the old building.  The members were asked to email Commissioner Ryan to press for action.  Dave reminded the group of the man who was shot and bled to death before the paramedics could arrive.  He said there had been a recent call from the house directly across the street from the firehouse.

Lt. Pisanti from BSO said there had not been the usual spike in crime this past summer.  Burglaries dropped from 134 the previous summer to 94 and there was a 38% drop in car burglaries.  ATV activity has also been reduced.

Gerald Henry, Code Enforcement, said that 500 properties are involved in the rental program.  The department has so many areas to cover that they are trying to focus on long term problems – bankruptcies and abandonment.  Twenty-five to fifty banks have registered as willing to help with the upkeep of these properties.  One member reported a green pool at 4261 SW 21st Street and trash and a dead rat at 4271 SW 21st Street.  There has been a lot of dumping at Meadowbrook and surrounding area, particularly by one landscaper.  Dave mentioned that the old water plant property needs attention.

Marvin Burroughs, the new manager of Sunview Park, was introduced.  He has attended the meetings regarding the new building.  His first project is to fix the drains on the lower field. One member asked about possible sidewalks on SW 42nd Avenue leading to the park.  Other members pointed out that there are no programs for girls.  All the sports programs are for boys.

Michelle Futrelle from Waste and Recycling said to call 954-474-1870 when bulk items are not picked up on the scheduled day.  One member said the bulk pickup truck left oil on the street.

Heather Cunniff, Associate Planner, discussed the money available to us through the gas pipeline payment to the county.  One suggestion has been a small park at the site of the old water plant, with landscaping and a bench.  Rose Bickford feels that it will merely attract teens who would vandalize it or use it as a place to hang out and smoke pot.  She feels it would require upkeep or it would become an eyesore.  Lights on the entryway monument at 49th Avenue is another suggestion.  One member suggested speed bumps on SW 43rd Avenue.  He said cars race on that street.  Dave said that speed bumps ruin fire trucks.  He would prefer stop signs, but there are requirements for a heavy traffic flow before stop signs could be installed.  Jan asked again about the trees that were promised as part of the Neighborhood Improvement Project, but nobody expressed interest.  There is no cut off date for using this money.

Linda Flanders reported that there will be a flashing sign at Peters Road for the Yard Sale and Fun Day on October 18th.  She had a supply of flyers which she asked members to distribute.

Dave announced the dates for our Christmas food drive.  Santa will tour the east side on Tuesday, December 16th and the west side on Wednesday, December 17th.  The food will be sorted and delivered on Saturday 20th at the firehouse.  Help is urgently needed –  drivers with pickup trucks to follow Santa and many hands to help with the sort and delivery on Saturday.  We had 36 families last year and were overwhelmed.  Digna Perez volunteered to accept phone calls from Spanish speakers.

Dave asked for other business.  A member reported asphalt repair was needed at SW 46th Ave.and12thCourt.  Daniel Fitzgerald volunteered to serve on the board of directors.  Jan reminded members they could request streetlights.  There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.                     Jan Washburn, Secretary
























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