February Minutes

BPCA  February 3, 2015

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Dave Nielsen at Sunview Park on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  Board members present: Dave, Jan Washburn, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, and Carolyn Lockerd.

Following the opening, Dave announced that he is stepping down as president on June 1st.  He will still help with association projects.

BSO Lt. Lopez and Lt. Enger, were introduced.  They are assigned to Lauderdale Lakes which is also under Chief Dunbar and the central BSO district.   They discussed ATV’s and dirt bikes which race up and down the streets.  Lt. Enger said they can’t chase these vehicles because it would be hazardous to the riders and to the public.  They try to identify the riders so they can find them at home.  Lt. Lopez said it was important for residents to phone BSO when a problem arises.  The number of problems affects the use of their resources, telling them where the need is greatest.  He said to be careful what you ask for.  50 people signed a petition to clamp down on speeders in their neighborhood.  At the end of the clamp down, 48 of the 50 signers had received tickets.  They pointed out that the number of homeless increases greatly at this time of year as people try to escape the cold and snow.  He said homeless are not problem people, but people with problems.  BSO tries to steer them to where they can get help.

Fire Chief Holness said there have been many discussions about Fire Station 23 and they are trying to resolve the situation.  He warned that big TV;s which are not anchored are a hazard and could kill a child.  Also, in cold weather cooking on a charcoal grill inside the house is very dangerous as it produces carbon monoxide.  Linda Flanders reminded him that our next Yard Sale will be on October 17th at Station 23.

Alphonso Jefferson, Assistant County Administrator of the unincorporated areas spoke next, He believes that even more than firefighters, the community needs to have the paramedics close by,  He has been holding monthly meetings with members from the various county departments and they are seeking a solution for Station 23.

Gerard Henry of Code Enforcement reported that they had received 414 calls for service in the unincorporated areas.  They currently have 1900 open cases, 217 in January alone.  Normally about 76% of those cited for violations will comply with the code.  He introduced Niki Velez, the new code enforcement officer for our community.  She had many years of service in Pembroke Pines.  The hotline is 954-357-9700

Dave mentioned a piece of glass sticking up near the school grounds.  He had reported the problem to the school principal, but it is still there.  A truck he had complained about is now gone.  Another member mentioned travel trailers near the old water plant property.

Heather Cunniff distributed a chart showing the problems discussed at our January Board meeting and the ones we ranked as the most important.  Code Enforcement led in order of importance.  She asked the members for other problems that needed to be added to the list.  One member mentioned that Animal Control will not pick up raccoons.  Homeowners have to call one of the private companies that capture wild animals.

Maribel Feliciano of Planning Administration also commented on the problems.  They have drawn up a map showing where the problems occur.  Address numbering on homes is a big problem.

Elaine Barrett of Waste and Recycling said that Mr. Lee Norwood, Route Manager for Waste Pro, the company that is now picking up our trash, had planned to be here tonight, but there has been a death in his family.  Call 954-765-4999 with problems.  When barrels are overfilled and litter is dropped, the men are supposed to pick it up.  Elaine said members should check WasteProRewards.com to learn how to earn savings.  Elaine will be contacting Juan Formoso to set a date for our April community clean-up.

Jan announced flyers with information about free help with tax preparation on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Sunview.  There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary





















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