6/2/15 Minutes

Minutes – 6/2/15

A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dave Nielsen on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at Sunview Park.  Officers and board members present were: Dave, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Susan Robinson, Carolyn Lockerd, and Dan Fitzgerald.

Following the opening, BSO Lt, Pisanti reported that they had rounded up a gang at I-595 and SR 7 who were stealing cars for a chop shop.  The BSO focus is on keeping children safe now schools are closing.  Members reported speeders, an empty house that was getting too much traffic, and dumping.  The lieutenant warned members about hiring someone to haul away junk or trash.  If they are extremely cheap, it probably means they’re just going to dump the trash somewhere around the neighborhood.  Ask to see the hauler’s credentials.


Niki Velez from code enforcement said the application to build a 7-11 at the NW corner of SR7 and SW 20th Street was approved even though the space did not allow the number of parking spaces normally required.  She said the house at 4517 SW 24th Street which has been an eyesore has now been sold.  There have been thousands of dollars in liens placed on the property.  Bulk trash problems arise when people put their bulk out after the trucks go by.  Dave suggested that instead of having five different sections with different pick-up days, the whole area should be swept twice a month.  He asked if he could pick up a political sign on county property since the elections were held in March.  It was suggested that Meadowbrook School should place a trash barrel on the basketball courts as the children are discarding litter there.

Heather Cunniff said county administrator Alfonso Jefferson had planned to come to our meeting to ask for suggestions for placement of cameras to control crime, but had another meeting to attend.  Some members were opposed, feeling cameras were intrusive and unnecessary, but the group agreed that the placement should be at the entryways into the community so cars could be seen coming and going  Jan asked again about lights on the 49th Avenue entryway.

A question arose about the streetlights that people had requested,  FPL is being difficult.  Jan said she would follow up on this with the Traffic Division.

Dave asked for approval of a $300 scholarship for next year’s high school seniors who reside in the community.  Juan Formoso is preparing the requirements. It was suggested that it be open to students planning for technical or vocational school as well as college..

Elections for the coming year were held and approved as follows:  President, Dan Fitzgerald; Vice-Pres., Bill Hoy; Sect./Treas., Jan Washburn; Finance Sect., Nancy Walton;

3 Year terms as board members: Joycie McGinnis, Juan Formoso, and Dave Nielsen.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary

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