A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President Dan Fitzgerald at Sunview Park on Tuesday, February 2, 2016.  Officers present were Dan, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, and Susan Robinson.

Following the opening pledge of allegiance, BSO Lt. Eric Caldwell, who has replaced Lt. Pisanti, introduced himself.  He has been with the Sheriff’s Office for twenty years and has worked at various locations throughout the county.  He will be attending our meetings and keeping us up to date on burglaries, car thefts, and robberies in the community. He said that Lt. Pisanti has accepted a position as police chief in a small town. One member reported problems with a neighbor in Section 8 housing.

Josie Sesodia from the county’s Planning and Development Management Division presented information on the recent proposed changes in zoning codes,.  The codes had not been updated in the last fifteen years, but the changes should be completed by the end of June.  She said there were no dramatic changes proposed for our area. Further information is available at minicode.com.

Gayle Preston from the county’s Parks and Recreation Department and Mike Fayazz, of Highway Construction and Engineering then presented drawings of the proposed new building at Sunview Park.  It will be located on the footprints of the original building which was demolished after an electrical fire.  The playground will be upgraded and moved a little further back.  The current temporary building will be removed and the area lined for parking.

They also presented the plans for the pocket park on 50th Avenue with a circular path, a playground for children, and an area for exercise equipment.  There was some discussion about the parking spots (one for disabled and two for regular cars).  Cars tend to speed on 50th Avenue and the park is located on a curve in the road, but there is no alternative place for parking.  There will be no fence along 50th Ave.

Isobel Rovina of Urban Health Partnerships presented the Safe Routes Broward app where residents can report unsafe road or sidewalk conditions which will then be assigned to the proper department for correction.  Brochures on the Yellow Dot were made available as well as a supply of dots for every member of the family. Placing the dot in your rear window will tell rescuers that important information about you can be found in your glove compartment in case of an accident. Residents who were not present at the meeting can find the information and the dots at Sunview Park.

Heather Cunniff then introduced Aretha Wimberly who will be taking over Heather’s position as our liaison with the county.  Aretha said she has worked in almost every county department.  Her phone is 954-357-7794 and her email is awimberly@broward.org.

Elaine Barrett of Waste and Recycling asked if anyone had a problem to report, but one member offered a compliment instead.

Information was distributed about the Water Matters Day which will be held on March 12 from 9 AM to 3 PM at Tree Tops Park in Davie, 3900 SW 100th Ave. with workshops, giveaways, children’s activities, and instruction on How To Create a Naturescape.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Secretary

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