BPCA – April 5, 2016

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 by Dan Fitzgerald, President.  Other officers and board present were Nancy Walton Linda Flanders, Joyce McGinnis, Dave Nielsen, Susan Robinson, and Jan Washburn.

            Following the pledge of allegiance, BSO Lt. Dave Fernandez introduced himself and said he will be attending our meetings in the future.  He gave a summary of his experience with BSO in various parts of the county.  He said the homicide on 48th Avenue was a road rage incident and was still under investigation.  A deputy reported that there had been three burglaries over the past thirty days and one assault.  The only vehicle theft was a motorcycle, but there had been a number of thefts from unlocked cars. Fernandez cautioned to keep cars locked and keep valuables out of sight including small change.  He stressed that we should call if we see anything unusual or something doesn’t seem right.  He assured the members that sheriff’s cars are making regular patrol around our community.

            Aretha Wimberly, our county liaison, said that she met with FPL regarding requests for streetlights.  Those who have requested lights must also have the consent of their neighbor who will also be affected.  She said they are moving towards phase 2 and will be meeting with our president.  There is concern that a homeless shelter is operating.  A house at 4361 SW 25th Street is renting rooms for $500 a person.  Code enforcement would have to be sure that extra people in the house aren’t visiting relatives.  She will update Dan on what she finds out.  She said code enforcement was short-handed.

            Fire Chief Holness said they are also watching the property at 4361 SW 25th Street. He said that one of his frustrations is that he sees problems inside houses, such as loose hanging wires, but has no authority to do anything inside a house.  On May 21sat they will be going out into the community on Operation S.A.F.E. (Surviving a fire emergency), testing and installing smoke alarms.  They are also conducting a campaign called “Safe by Four” providing information about all the things that affect the safety of small children.  In regard to Station 23 the chief said the lease has been renewed and renovation is underway.  There is a semi-annual report on www.broward.org/municpalservices. It was reported that one resident is burning trash in his yard.  This is not permitted and should be reported to BSO.

            Michelle Futrell from Waste and Recycling said emails will be sent out next week for the winners of the first week.  The community clean-up on April 2nd was successful,  They picked up 13.96 tons of waste.  There were complaints that people are putting out their bulk on the wrong days.  Michelle said they have issued 20 violation notices.  Dave Nielsen said they should have just one pickup day a month for the whole community at once.  Michelle will look into that possibility.

            Dan announced that we will have a celebration of our 60th anniversary at the June 7th meeting with refreshments.  Also, elections will be held that day.  There are openings on the board of directors and volunteers are needed.

            There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

                                                                                    Jan Washburn, Secretary

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