Minutes October 4, 2016




Broadview Park Civic Assn.  10/4/16


            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order at Sunview Park on October 4, 2016.  Officers and board members present were: Dan Fitzgerald, Nancy Walton, Jan Washburn, Linda Flanders, Joycie McGinnis, and Dave Nielsen. 

            Following the pledge of allegiance, BSO Sergeant Petoskey presented a brochure on hurricane preparedness.  He reminded members to fill up on gas before Hurricane Matthew hits this area.  He also reported on problems during the past month.  There had been three burglaries.  Two of these were thefts from sheds.  The third was theft of an air compressor. There was also a carjacking.  He warned that thieves that break into cars not only take items of value, but they steal car registrations.  He reminded the group to call if they see anything that doesn’t look right.  To reach the district office call 954-321-4800.  One member asked about calls he had been receiving.  Sgt Petoskey said he has also received those calls.  Just hang up.

            Dan then called for Jim Chandler to come forward.  Jim is the firefighter who has chauffeured Santa Claus around Broadview Park every Christmas for thirty-some years. This will be his last time as he is retiring from Fire/Rescue.  The association presented Jim with a cup thanking “Santa’s Best Friend” and a card with a check.  The members thanked Jim with their applause.  Jim said when he was a child he looked forward to seeing Santa come by his house, so he took over the job back in the mid-eighties.  The Peters Road Volunteer Fire Department began the tradition back in the 1960’s.

Some photo’s taken with Jim:

IMG_1188IMG_1204 IMG_1208 IMG_1203 IMG_1201

            Jim announced that Santa will be making the rounds this year on December 14th and 15th.  That means helping hands will be needed on Saturday, Dec. 17th to sort and deliver the food.  He said he is trying to find a replacement.  He had hoped his daughter Jennifer would take over, but she has just had a baby.         

            Fire Chief Greg Holness reported that everything was set for the Community Yard Sale and Family Fun Day on Saturday, October 22nd.  The cadets will be serving free food and there will be a bounce house for the kids as well as a fire truck to paint.  The chief said work is underway on the renovation of station 23, but this shouldn’t create a problem. Susan Robinson, who is in charge of the yard sale was not able to be at the meeting as she was at the hospital where her brother was having surgery.

            The chief also reported the last information on Hurricane Matthew.  This area is expecting 45 mile per hour winds with gusts to 60 mph.  It should hit about 2 PM Thursday and last 24 to 36 hours.  He said pray against the worst, but hope for the best.

            Aretha Wimberly, our county liaisson warned members to fight the Zika virus and put out brochures with instructions and a magnet as a reminder.   She said there is an app to transmit a picture of your home to show the damage from the storm.  Aretha also distributed information about a Healthy Community Zone on Saturday, October 15th with free food at the Urban League.

            Maribel Feliciano from the county showed a brief presentation on the 1cent sales tax that voters will be asked to approve on election day.  ½ cent will go to the county for transportation projects.  The other ½ cent  will go to the local governments for  infrastructure. This will raise our sales tax to 7 cents.   Most of Florida already has a 7 cent sales tax.  Both must pass or both will fail.

             Lisa Mendheim of county Animal Care reported there will be a rabies clinic for dogs and cats on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, at Sunview Park from 9 to 4..  $25 for sterilized pets and $35 for non-sterilized pets will get a one-year rabies vaccination and a rabies registration tag.  If desired, they will provide a microchip for $15.  Dogs must be on a leash and cats in a carrier.  You can sign up then for the spay/neuter unit that will be coming to Sunview.  Cherie Wichper assisted Lisa .with a power point presentation.

            There was no further business so the meeting adjourned.

                                                Jan Washburn, Acting Secretary

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