Dec. 16 Minutes

Minutes – BPCA, Dec. 6, 2016 

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by Treasurer Jan Washburn on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, at Sunview Park.  Board members present were Susan Robinson, Nancy Walton, Joyce McGinnis, Linda Flanders, and Uri Ostrovsky.          

            Following the pledge of allegiance, BSO Lt. Steve Santiago reported that he has been assigned to the unincorporated areas.  He had been working on a gang who were making credit cards.  They paid kids to steal mail to get card numbers.  He reported that two weeks ago there was a home robbery here, but the culprits were caught leaving the house.  They were just 17 and 18 years old.  Smart phones and computers are the most common targets. Residents can keep up with crimes in the community on by clicking on “crime mapping”.  The public information office has current news releases,  ?/here is an option for residents to receive email alerts.  You can select the area of information you would like to receive.

            There was also one car theft.  There is a Cuban ring stealing F-150 Ford trucks.  He cautioned drivers never to leave a car running unoccupied,.  Make sure you don’t put items in the trunk where you may be seen.  These thefts are crimes of opportunity.  One member mentioned she had a renter next door who wears an ankle bracelet.  She was concerned whether he had committed a felony.  Santiago said there was no way to know that. 

            Jan announced that Santa will be coming on the fire truck on the east side, Dec. 14th, and on the west, Dec. 15th.  All hands will be needed at the fire house at 8 am Saturday, Dec. 17 to sort and deliver the food.  Many medium-sized boxes are needed.

            Jan also said people who had requested a streetlight learned that they had to have the next-door neighbor also agree to have the power line cross the property line from the back to the street.  Also there could be no bushes, plants, or trees along the property line.  Aretha Wimberly, our liaison with the county, has no updates at this time on the streetlight situation.

            Aretha said there will be a curb cleaning project from Dec. 13th to 19th.  Residents should make sure the swales are cleared of cars.  She distributed a brochure regarding a workshop for a community emergency response team, residents who volunteer to assist neighbors in an emergency.  It will be held from 11 to 1 on Saturday, December 10th at the Roosevelt Gardens Community Center.. 

            A member asked about a solar light on the Broadview Park entry sign.  We could pay for it ourselves if the cost is reasonable.  Aretha will check on that.  She has no news on the pocket park , but she will get an update.

            Do hurricane shutters need to be taken down?  The guidelines are vague and they are working on a clear policy.. A question arose about new powerlines being put in off 50th Avenue.   Aretha will try to get details.

            There was no further business and the meeting adjourned.

Jan Washburn, Acting Secretary..

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