December 6, 2011 Minutes

December 6, 2011 Minutes 

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President David

Nielsen on Tuesday, December 6, 2011, atSunviewPark.  Board members present were: Dave,

 Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Chad Tamkus, and Bill Hoy.

            After the pledge, Dave introduced BSO Lt. Jackson and Detective Coldwell.  The lieutenant

said the top crime is still burglary.  Burglars tend to strike during the workday when no one is at

home.  He said everyone should be familiar with their nearby neighbors and call BSO if anything

looks suspicious and strangers are hanging around.  Burglaries are usually crimes of opportunity

with kids as young as 13 and 14.  They will knock on doors to find out when no one is home.  If

someone comes to the door, they will ask an innocent question, such as, “Is John here?”  Their

primary aim is gold and electronics.  Don’t throw Christmas gift boxes out so that anyone can see

that you have a new TV, etc.  Det. Coldwell said if people don’t want to call 911, they should call

him directly 954-321-4857.

            One resident complained that a burglar was not in jail.  Coldwell said everyone is entitled

to bond out of jail and he can’t keep them in.  We have 5 deputies patrolling this area with 7000 plus residents.

            There was no one attending from the Neighborhood Improvement Project, but Dave reported

that the final phase is about 80% completed.  They anticipate that work will be done by March, 2012.

            John Fenton from the county’s Solid Waste and Recycling Department distributed booklets describing the new system that will go into effect January first.  Every residence will be assigned two barrels – a green one for garbage and other trash to be picked up twice a week and a blue one for

recycling once a week.  The barrels have electronic identifications so that if a barrel is missing it

can be returned to the rightful owner.  Landlords should instruct renters on the proper way to use

the system and place the barrels out for pickup.

            Rick Newman, Manager of Sunview Park, described some of the programs available at

the park with a recreation program Monday through Friday for ages 6 – 17.  On Friday night

Dec. 16th they will have a Parents Night Out from 6 to 10 PM.  In January there will be a basketball tournament for ages 21 and up.  Bill Hoy asked how far up.  Pamphlets were available on all the


            Dave reported that Bill Long has resigned from the board of directors and asked for

volunteers.  Paula Jarrett-Rivera volunteered and she will be nominated at the February general

meeting.  He also reminded residents we need their dues at $10 per family.

            He urged members to come out and assist in our annual food drive with Santa.  Jan asked

for the names of needy families as we still have room for more.

            There was no further business and the meeting adjourned.  

                                                Jan Washburn, Secretary        



October 2011 Minutes

BPCA October 4, 2011


            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Assn. was called to order by President Dave Nielsen atSunviewParkon Tuesday, October 4, 2011.  Following the pledge and a prayer by VP Bill Hoy, Dave reminded members that $10 per family dues paid now will extend membership to May 31, 2012.  Board members present were: Dave, Bill Hoy, Nancy Walton, Jan Washburn, Linda Flanders, Bill Long, Sarah Chavez, and Chad Tamkus.

Dave introduced the new BSO Chief, Andrew Dunbar, who had previously been the executive lieutenant.  The chief explained that he is now chief not only of the central unincorporated area, but also ofLauderdale Lakes.  The city ofLakesis in deep financial trouble and BSO is trying to help them out of debt.  This gives the chief additional deputies to call on if there is a problem in one area or another.  He urged residents to watch each other’s homes and call if anything appears to be wrong.  Deputies cannot be everywhere at once.

The chief introduced his new executive lieutenant, Joe Achilerre, who was promoted from the position of sergeant.  Joe described his background and experience.  He reported on his investigation into a sex offender who had recently moved into our community.  He said that Judge Imperato had apparently lifted the offender’s probation which may have affected his status.  The lieutenant is trying to get further information.  We will contact the judge and also the head judge to express our concerns.  Lt. Achilerre indicated that Peter Weinstein (831-5506) is the new head judge.

BSO Detective Coldwell says burglaries are actually declining.  He said we particularly need to watch for people who are picking up scrap.  With the high price of copper, there is an epidemic of theft of copper wires from air conditioning and street lights.  In a question about dog bites, he said code enforcement steps in.  The chief warned members to be careful wearing gold jewelry as gold is now about $2000 an ounce.  Be aware of your surroundings. 

Members reported a dangerous speeder in the area of 15th Street and 47th and 48th Avenue driving about 50 or 60 mph.  The chief said he would set up a traffic watch.

Chris Dickey reported on the Neighborhood Improvement Project and distributed several materials.  He said that the east side is complete and is being reviewed.  The west side is about 78% complete.  He reminded people not to connect to the sewers until they are notified to do so. 

In regard to the questions about speed bumps and signs, he said the Traffic Engineering office had done a survey after Hurricane Wilma, but Jan said that may have been for street signs.  Members complained about the circle at 42nd Avenue and 20th Street which is so overgrown that the grass is longer than the plants.  The contractor is supposed to maintain these gardens until the project is complete.  Dave Nielsen and Roger Jette have been maintaining the gardens by theFloralHeights andRock Hill welcome signs.  Chris said the master gardener does not want us to use red mulch.  One member mentioned that the sprinklers run every day while we are only allowed to water twice a week.  Dave said Marcus Austin of Chen and Associates was supposed to contact him and give him a key to access the sprinklers and set a better schedule of watering.

Questions arose as to why there were no sidewalks running north along MeadowbrookSchooland also why there no sidewalks along the south side of 18th Street.

Traci Pollock of Dickey Consulting then introduced Jill Quigley, Project Manager of the East/West Transit Study, and her assistant, Marie.  Ms. Quigley described the two alternatives under consideration – a premium bus running from theBankAtlanticCenterto downtownFort Lauderdalevia I-595 andBroward Blvd.and the other via theDavieEducationCenterandGriffin Road.  She said they are no longer considering a rail option.  There will be two community update meetings for comments: Oct.11 at 5:30 at the West Regional Library and Oct. 13 at 6:00 at the Fishing Hall of Fame. There will also be a meeting regarding Home Improvement Fraud at theCentralBrowardRegionalParkon October 20 from 6 to 8 PM.

John Benton of the Solid Waste and Recycling Dept. explained that there will be a new system starting January 1, 2012.  He showed a new recycling barrel which can be picked up by the truck driver.  Each household will receive a recycling barrel for pickup once a week and a similar trash barrel for twice a week trash pickup.  One member said people will put garbage in the recycling barrel, but Mr. Benton explained that there will be rewards for recycling.  He will come to our December meeting to do a presentation on the whole plan.  Dave also recognized Elaine Barrett who works with us on our clean-ups and assists in other ways.  Dave introduced Rick Newman, the manager ofSunviewPark, who offered his assistance when needed. 

Ted Vitale ofCountyPlanningand Redevelopment said he is the person to contact regarding overgrown properties, abandoned houses and pools. (954-357-6617)

He will pass the information on to the proper department.    He said that if we decided to request stop signs or speed bumps, he would ask Traffic Engineering to study the situation.  Unfortunately they do not approve using stop signs for speeding problems.

Ted left satisfaction survey forms to be completed by the association’s board of directors.

            There was no further business and the meeting adjourned

                                                            Jan Washburn, Secretary

June Minutes

BPCA Meeting 6/7/11
A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President David Nielsen, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, at American Legion Post 180. Board members present were: David, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Bill Long, Angelina Gullo, and Linda Flanders. He reminded members that dues were due.
Dave reported that BSO District Chief Kevin Butler has been transferred to Weston. Exec. Lt. Will Jackson gave us the BSO report. He said he has been in the central district since October 2010. He said enforcement has been very aggressive in our area and burglaries are down. If residents have seen people in black around 46th Avenue and 21st Street, those are drug enforcement officers. Regarding a complaint about graffiti, if it is gang symbols, it is turned over to the gang unit. Otherwise, when the culprits are found they are made to clean it up.
Chris Dickey distributed information on the progress of the NIP. LaTissa Collins said when you call her, she probably won’t be in her office because she goes out to check on complaints, but she will return your call. When you leave a message, be sure to tell her you are in Broadview Park, your address, and your phone number. She says when the project is done, there will be a walk-through by about 20 people who will check to see that everything has been properly completed. They will follow up on any unaddressed complaints such as sprinklers and sidewalk problems. She anticipates the walk through for the east side should be completed by August 2011. For the west side it will probably be August 2012.
In regard to the lack of sidewalks along the wellfields, she said it is difficult to get permission from the city and the school board due to red tape. She cautioned that when you hire a person to do the hookup, be sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Do not pay any deposits now.
Michelle Futrell from Waste and Recycling said people who put out bulk trash on the wrong days receive a citation. One member mentioned that since the offenders are allowed seven days to correct the problem, neighbors still have to put up with the mess for a week.
David read the slate of nominees for officer and board for the coming year. The slate was elected unanimously as follows: President – Dave Nielsen; Vice-Pres. – Bill Hoy; Sect/Treas. – Jan Washburn; and Finance Secretary – Nancy Walton. Three-year board members: Bill Long, Marge Goodman, Linda Flanders; and a Two-year board member: Julio Villarreal.
Dave then introduced Traci Pollock of Dickey Consulting and Paula Hollihan of Craven Thompson who described the purpose and the progress of the Sistrunk Blvd. project. The object of the project is to make Sistrunk a destination place.
There was no other business and the meeting adjourned.
Jan Washburn, Secretary

June Bee

TUESDAY, JUNE 7th 7:30 P.M.
1500 SW 42nd Avenue

BE SURE TO ATTEND OUR MEETING ON TUESDAY, JUNE 7TH – AFTER THIS MEETING WE WILL ADJOURN FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS – UNTIL OCT. 4TH. We will elect officers and board members for the coming year. We will hear from BSO Chief Kevin Butler, and Traci Pollock will give us an update on the Sistrunk Blvd. project. We have asked LaTissa Collins attend to respond to your questions and comments on the Neighborhood Improvement Project. The Town of Davie is continuing to work with Broward County in hammering out the details of an agreement for the annexation of Broadview Park. We will pass on additional information as it becomes available.

We are discontinuing the publication of the Bee. As usual we will announce meetings by putting out signs at the various streets that provide entrance into the community. In the future you will have to check our website,, or receive other important news items by e-mail. Be sure that the civic association has your e-mail address by submitting it to broadviewpark@ Include your name, address, and phone number. If you do not have computer access, try to find a friend or neighbor who will keep you posted.

Part of the Neighborhood Improvement Project are the signs which welcome people to our various neighborhoods. The signs are surrounded by flowers and plants. When the project is finished, it is likely that maintenance of these gardens will become the responsibility of our residents. Would you be willing to adopt one of these gardens? It is our understanding that the sprinklers are set for automatic watering, so the gardener’s main job would be occasional weeding. Please call Jan at 954-583-0796 to volunteer.
When we are annexed into Davie, we anticipate that Davie will maintain the entryway gardens on 49th Avenue. They might also be persuaded to take over the care of the little gardens.

Florida Power and Light has donated $1500 to Sunview Park as a gift from their “Care” program. In addition, 20 FPL Care volunteers descended on the park on May 7th to plant a new flowerbed by the front gate and paint the concession stand building down by the ballfields. Many thanks to FPL for sponsoring this great program.
Rick Newman, park manager, says they still have a few openings for their summer program for children age 6 to 17. The program runs from June 20th to August 12th from 9am to 5pm. Children can arrive as early as 8am and stay as late as 6pm. Activities include games, arts and crafts, speakers, field trips, talent shows, and even trips to Central Regional Park in Lauderhill for swim lessons. Contact Sunview now to get a spot for your child. 954-791-1040.
Mr. Newman cautions to be sure to lock your cars. They have been troubled with car burglaries, and are working with BSO to add warning signs, more lights, and deputy patrols.

Our community clean-up on April 2nd brought out 63 volunteers, including a big delegation of students from Stranahan High. 63 is probably an all-time record. Many thanks to all of you who turned out to improve our neighborhood. You got rid of 42.7 tons of trash. Bill Hoy, our veep, who coordinated the project along with the county’s waste and recycling division, said there was not as much trash scattered around this year as there has been in the past. It would be nice to think we were all being more careful about dropping litter, but it may be because of the Neighborhood Improvement Project. Whatever the reason, let’s keep it clean.

In this final issue of the Bee, we want to express our sincerest thanks to Dale Bailey. He offered his services back in December 1998 and has printed the newsletter for us for the last 12 ½ years.
And we want to recognize those of you who faithfully deliver the Bee. It takes 25 people to get the newsletter to all the single family homes. Some of you are fairly new to the job and some of you have been on the job for nearly 20 years. God bless you all.

DUES ARE DUE – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT – The civic association works to improve this entire community and maintain the value of your home through our many projects such as our annual spring clean-up and maintenance of the entryway gardens. The economy is still in a slump, but we hope you can support our efforts by sending $10 for your family’s membership in the civic association. If you have not already renewed your dues, please use the form below to extend your support for the membership year – June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012.

The membership year is June 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012. Make checks payable to the Broadview Park Civic Association and send to Nancy Walton, 4224 SW 20th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317. We also appreciate donations to support maintenance of the entryway.

______ Enclosed is $10.00 membership for my family through May 31, 2012.

______ (Optional) Enclosed is a contribution toward maintenance of the entryway.

Name __________________________________________ Phone _______________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address ________________________________________________________________

English – 954-295-5982 Spanish – 954-608-4831

President: David Nielsen
Vice- Pres.: Bill Hoy
Sect./Treas: Jan Washburn
Fin. Sect.: Nancy Walton
Board 3 years: Bill Long, Marge
Goodman, Linda Flanders
2 years: Julio Villarreal, Chad
Tamkus, Elz VanAckerbroeck
1 year: Juan Formoso, Angeline
Gullo, Sarah Chavez

April 5, 2011 Minutes

BPCA – 4/5/11

            A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President David Nielsen at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, at Sunview Park.  Board members present were: David, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, Sarah Chavez, and Bill Long.

            Following the opening, David introduced BSO Chief Kevin Butler.  The chief reported on the past two month period.  After the explosion at 2200 SW 43rd Way, the owners fled.  They had been using the utility room as a grow house for marijuana.  Members were asked to notify BSO if they spotted the culprits.

            There have been eight residential burglaries during this period, mostly in the northeast quadrant of our community.  BSO says there are three burglars they are aware of in that area who enter through back windows or doors.  Two of them are juveniles that they have arrested several times before.  Wallets were taken from five cars which had been left unlocked.  BSO tries to track thieves down through the use of the stolen credit cards.  TV’s are a frequent target.  One resident actually gave a ride to a man carrying a TV.  The chief said a dog is a great protection, and he advised homeowners to leave a radio on when they are away or at work.

            When deputies called on a boy who lived on 46th Avenue, they found 128 stolen items.  The boy and his mother have now moved away.  There have also been 3 robberies including a stolen backpack.  There was one business robbery.  BSO had 50 arrests and issued 56 citations. 

He said the sex offender list is down to 43 now.  If an offender moves in, he is given five days to move out again.  Call the chief if you are aware of a new offender.  Two members reported there was a new one on 24th Street near US 441.  Most offenders who are homeless and living under a bridge, wear a GPS.

When asked about pawn shops, the chief said we have his best detective working in our community.  One problem is that it takes 5 to 6 months to get an answer on fingerprints.  One member said a friend named Scott Neighbor has a tinting for auto glass that makes the glass unbreakable.  He said it even protects against a cinder block thrown at a car window.  Phone 954-598-4011.

Dave announced the nomination of Julio Villarreal to the board of directors and called for a vote.  Julio was elected unanimously.

            Dave reported that the community clean-up on April 2nd was very successful with 63 volunteers.  He said there wasn’t as much litter as in the past, possibly due to the neighborhood improvement project.

            Michele of Waste and Recycling said that people who need recycling bins can call 954-474-1870.  If the county decides to go with new waste and recycling barrels with wheels, the program would be effective January 1st, 2012.

            Dave said the Town of Davie is meeting with the county budget director, hammering out an agreement for a transition.  If all goes as planned, Davie would annex Broadview Park effective September 15, 2012.

            Detective Lori Moore, assisted by Detective Carol Dansky, gave a power point presentation about sex offenders, including sexual predators.  There are 1202 offenders in the county and 108 predators.  A predator is one who has two separate convictions or one particularly heinous one.  Offenders must register and keep authorities informed of their address.  They must obey a curfew from 10 PM to 6AM.  Romeo and Juliet offenders (who have consensual sex with a girl under 18 if they are no more than 4 years older than the girl) may go before a judge to have the offender designation removed.  There are several websites that provide information, such as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

            Members were informed that sewer hookups had to wait until the whole improvement project was completed.  Dave said that with oil prices going up and up, he plans to buy the pvc pipes for his sewer hookup now.  He plans to get a large size pipe, such as 8” if available.

                                                                                    Jan Washburn, Secretary

April Bee


                                                 IMPORTANT MEETING                     APRIL, 2011

TUESDAY, APRIL 5th, 7:30 P.M.


1500 S.W. 42ND AVENUE

www. BroadviewPark. org



BSO DETECTIVE MOORE WILL GIVE AN UPDATE ON THE SEXUAL OFFENDERS and predators in this community at the meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association on Tuesday evening, April 5th, 7:30 PM at Sunview Park.  Since the county extended the buffer zone to 2500 feet, the number of offenders has been decreasing.  The offenders who were already here were not forced to move, but if one moves out, he can’t move back in again.  No new offenders can move in.  The sheriff’s office checks regularly on these men.

We are pleased to have two good neighbors who have volunteered to serve on our board of directors.  We will be voting to elect Julio Villarreal to the board.  Bill Long was voted into office at our February meeting.

We will have reports from BSO Chief Butler and from Chris Dickey regarding the Neighborhood Improvement Project. 



It’s Spring Cleaning time again.  Let’s tidy up our neighborhood.  Please volunteer to help by joining our Bagathon.  Report to Sunview Park at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 2nd.  After checking in, teams will go out to various locations in the community such as the areas around the school,  the park, and the wellfields to pick up the litter that spoils the appearance of our neighborhood.  At 11:45 the teams will return to Sunview to enjoy pizza and soda.  The county will provide trash bags and gloves for the volunteers as well as T-shirts and some great souvenir giveaways.  Wear a hat and bring along some water.  Earn community service credits for school or for scout badges.  All ages can help.  Call Juan Formoso at 954-260-8105 if you need further information. 


In connection with the clean-up, a dumpster will be placed on SW 18th Street which runs along the south side of Sunview Park.  The dumpster will be placed just west of 43rd Avenue by the well field.  This location is on the same street, but a little further west than in the past.     Residents will be allowed to bring bulk trash, tree limbs, etc. to the dumpster from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Save yourself a trip to the dump.  Bring old paint, insecticides, fertilizer, etc.  County staff members will be on hand to supervise.



Nick Smith who is the professional webmaster for our website, “” no longer lives in the neighborhood.  Although he still owns his house here, he is living in upstate New York.  He still manages our website, but has suggested that there might be a young person in the community who would like to learn the skills of a webmaster.  Nick is willing to train a volunteer via phone and e-mail and pass along his extensive knowledge.  If you are interested or know of a teen who would want to acquire these skills, call Jan at 954-583-0796.  She will put you in touch with Nick.  



When the Bee is discontinued in June, the only way you can keep up with what’s happening in the community is through our website ( or  through e-mails to notify you of meetings and important news regarding annexation, the neighborhood improvement project, etc.

Send the following information to BroadviewPark

        Name, Address, Telephone, and E-mail address.



Neighbors were stunned as debris rained down on their rooftops last month.  At 8:30 PM on Sunday, February 13th, there was a violent explosion in a home in the 2200 block of SW 43rd Way.  BSO investigators believe the explosion was caused by a propane tank being used as part of a marijuana grow house.  Ten three-foot tall marijuana plants were removed from the property.  Amazingly no one was hurt.  Several dogs survived the blast, but the area was without electricity for about six hours when flying debris ignited a transformer.


The county’s waste and recycling officials are considering the use of new barrels similar to those used by the city of Fort Lauderdale.  These barrels have wheels so they can easily be moved to and from the curb and can be picked up automatically by the truck.  The officials are still debating what size and how many barrels each homeowner should receive for yard trash, garbage, and recycling purposes.  More recycling would bring income to offset the cost of services.  If the plans get the go-ahead, they would be implemented on January 1, 2012.    




Code Enforcement 

    Joy Ganaischlal 954-444-0507

Neighborhood Improvement Project                        954 English: -295-5982      Spanish:  954-608-4831

    LaTissa Collins 954-831-4132

Civic Association or Bee

    Dave Nielsen     954-584-1288

    Jan Washburn    954-583-0796




The membership year is June 1st through May 31st.  Dues paid now will extend to May 31, 2012. 

Make your check payable to the Broadview Park Civic Association. Mail to Nancy Walton,

4224 S.W. 20th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317

______   Enclosed is $10.00 membership for my family through May 31, 2012.

______  (Optional)  Enclosed is a donation for entryway maintenance.

NAME _____________________________________________ PHONE __________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________

February Bee


                                                        IMPORTANT MEETING                      FEBRUARY, 2011



1500 S.W. 42ND AVENUE


After a four-year study of our community, the Town of Davie is once again considering annexing this community.  They have determined that we would be revenue neutral – that is, we would not be a drain on their finances.  On January 4th a number of Davie officials met with the Board of Directors of the Broadview Park Civic Association.  Led by Russell Muniz, Davie’s Director of Administrative Services, the group included the Chief of Police, the Asst. Director of Public Works, the Code Compliance Official, and representatives of Fire/Rescue, Housing and Community Development, and other departments.  If the Town Council votes to proceed, the Town of Davie would file a bill with the 2012 state legislature to annex Broadview Park effective September 15, 2012.

            The Broadview Park Civic Association will meet at Sunview Park, Tuesday, February 1st, 7:30 PM.  We will try to summarize the information the Davie officials provided and we need to hear your reaction to this annexation proposal.  In 2005 in a straw ballot, we approved annexation to Davie.  Do we need to vote again?

            We will also have reports from BSO and Code Enforcement.  Chris Dickey who handles public relations for the Neighborhood Improvement Project wants to hear comments from you regarding the progress of the work.


Now that so many residents have internet access and e-mail, the Bee will be discontinued after the June issue.  It has been a constant battle to find people to deliver the Bee, and we question how many people actually read it.

If you want to be notified of meetings, events, and special news, we need your e-mail address.

IMPORTANT:  E-mail the following information to

    Name, Address, Telephone, and E-mail address

If you do not have internet access, find a friend or neighbor who will pass important information on to you.  We will not bother you with frequent messages and spam.  We will continue to put out the signs to remind you of meetings.

PRETTIESTCHRISTMAS LIGHTS – In spite of the economy, there were plenty of beautiful displays of lights at Christmas this year.  Don’t you love it when the homes and yards are aglow with colorful decorations.  Although it was tricky to drive around the community with the roads torn up, we picked the following as our winners this year:

                        The Pearse family – 1349 SW 48th Avenue 

                        The Mitchell family – 2115 SW 46th Terrace

                        The Henriquez family – 1837 SW 43rd Avenue

Congratulations for brightening the neighborhood over the holidays.


The Civic Association has two vacancies on the Board of Directors.  Would you be willing to assist in making this community a nicer place to live – just one meeting per month.  Try it – you’ll like it.  Call 954-583-0796 to volunteer.


A big Thank You to all of you who supported the Christmas food drive in December with your donations or by lending a helping hand.  Twenty-two families enjoyed a merrier holiday with a turkey, milk and a generous supply of canned and dry goods.  Once again Firefighter Jim Chandler organized the tour with Santa (a/k/a Firefighter Al Macias) aboard the fire truck.  Thanks go to the young Explorers who assisted and to Mr. D who provided pizza for them and for the super volunteers who accompanied Santa with their pickup trucks. 

            Many, many thanks also go to the great crew of helpers who sorted and distributed the food on Saturday morning.  With so many helping hands, the work was done by 10 AM.

Go to our website,, to view pictures of the volunteers at the firehouse sorting food and preparing boxes to deliver to the families.  Click on the link there or click on “Community Service”.


In early 2009, there were 106 sex offenders and predators living in our one-square mile community.  The Civic Association appealed to the county commission to increase the buffer zone between the offenders and the schools, playgrounds and other places where children gather from 1000 feet to 2500 feet like the surrounding cities.  In April 2009 the commission passed a temporary ordinance increasing the distance to 2500 feet in Broadview Park and made the ordinance permanent in September 2009.  While offenders already residing here did not have to move out, no new offenders could move in.  Further, if an offender moved out, he could not move back in again.  As a result we have seen the number of offenders steadily dropping.  Nearly two years after the buffer zone was increased, the count of offenders here is now 47.







            CALL  583-0796 

WE WELCOME YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR PROJECTS. The membership year is May 31, 2010 through June 1, 2011.  Make checks payable to the Broadview Park Civic Association and mail them to Nancy Walton,  4224 S.W. 20th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317

______ Enclosed is $10.00 Membership for my family through JUNE 1, 2011.

______ (Optional –  Enclosed is a donation for the maintenance of the entryway.)

NAME __________________________________________ PHONE _____________________

ADDRESS __________________________E-mail______________________________

February Minutes

BPCA MEETING – 2/01/11

             A meeting of the Broadview Park Civic Association was called to order by President David Nielsen on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, at Sunview Park.  Board members present were: David, Jan Washburn, Nancy Walton, Linda Flanders, and Sarah Chavez.    

           Following the opening BSO Chief Kevin Butler reported that December had been a tough month with nine burglaries.  BSO has made seven arrests including one burglary that was caught in progress.  He warned the ladies about leaving purses in sight in the car when they were pumping gas or dropping kids off at school.  The thieves are waiting to snatch the purses.  He said big screen TV’s are a favorite object for theft.  The thieves immediately take them to flea markets.  He advised members to put on some kind of an identifying number such as a phone or street address (not a social security number) so the TV can be returned when found.

           He said there had been a shooting on Fern Road.  In response to a question about DNA testing, he said it is very expensive, about $1000.  There have been a number of break-ins to cars at Sunview.

            Chris Dickey distributed the E-news which showed that the Eastside NIP is 75% complete, and the Westside 35%.  Members questioned why the Meadowbrook road is not in the plan since it is like a roller coaster.  It is not part of the plan because the school was already hooked into sewer lines in Davie.  Members were asked to give Chris their e-mail addresses so that he could do some research and respond to their questions.  The county water department will notify residents when the project is complete.  They will have one year for hookup.  He said although Giannetti was messy, they were fast.  The dust was bad over the weekend when the trucks were not watering the roads.

            Michelle Futrell from Waste Management reported on complaints.  She said we should sign up now to pick a clean-up day between March 1st and May 31st.  Brenda McCrone handed out a job description for a part-time job available with the department.  She invited us to attend a meeting on February 17th at 7:30 to learn about a program that needs assistance.    

            Dave reported on our meeting with the officials from Davie.  He explained that it would be to our advantage to be annexed.  Davie plans to file a bill with the 2012 legislature, which would result in the town’s annexing Broadview Park effective Sept. 15th, 2012.  When Dave asked for a show of hands, it appeared that the members unanimously favored the annexation.  

            Dave announced that Bill Long had volunteered to fill one of the vacancies on the board of directors.   The members voted to approve Bill as a director.

            There was no other business and the meeting adjourned.

                                                               Jan Washburn, Secretary

General Meeting

Holiday Food Drive Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010

Pictures from our annual food drive on December 18th, 2010.